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**AFBG** I hear a lot of Buzz this morning! Did you see the News?

Stock Exploder   (Monday, April 16, 2012 8:40 AM EST)

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Howdy folks!!

Hope you all had a good nights sleep!!! Now it`s time to see what
happens today with my new play AFBG...... It has been getting a lot
of buzz from some other newsletters, so I think we are going to see
something crazy today.... The company about announced news this
morning which you can check it out here:
About American Fiber Green Products, Inc. (AFBG)

The focus of American Fiber Green Products, Inc., as a publicly
owned holding company, is to bring together synergistic companies
that not only make for a cleaner earth, but generate increasing
revenues and profits to reward investors who join them in leaving a
legacy for our children and their children.

Amour Fiber Core Inc. and American Leisure Products Inc., two
separate and distinctive interests, take fiberglass, recycle it,
and then manufacture products you want to last 400 years. If you
are a Fiberglass manufacturer, you need to partner with us.

Research shows fiberglass waste from the manufacturing process,
taken to a landfill, will be there in 400 years. The glass does not
break down. The Amour Fiber process, saves it from the landfill,
recycles it with their patented process, and then turns it into
products you want to last -- like railroad ties, sea walls, and
items we use every day like picnic tables.

Recycled plastic has been with us for some time; however, you can`t
always use the material for long-term structural items. The Amour
process has been tested with the following:

-- A flame torch was taken to a sample of the material and didn`t
melt or start on fire.
-- A 36-foot beam was driven into the earth with a 2.5 ton hammer.
When the beam hit rock 28 feet below, the hammer kept pounding the
beam. It didn`t break. If wood or steel would have been used, the
beam would have been destroyed.
-- Freezing weather, 50 below zero Steel shatters, wood breaks
down over time, Amour products remain.

Fiberglass is the answer to so many needs in our world.

But what do you do with the waste generated from the creation of it

For a generation it has been taken to landfills, and this has to
stop. Landfills around the world are filled with fiberglass that
does not decompose. These products include shower stalls, sinks,
ATM machine "surrounds"; bank displays, boats, airplanes, wind

Partnering with them as a fiberglass manufacturer, investor,
consumer, concerned citizen, or government entity allows you to
join their cause to leave a lasting legacy for us all.

Amour Fiber Core

Amour Fiber Core has developed and is testing structural,
industrial, marine and commercial products utilizing recycled
fiberglass materials, which can then be manufactured and marketed
on an economical basis. Amour Fiber Core combines leading edge
technology and fiberglass reclamation to produce a product line
manufactured from recycled materials. Their manufacturing process
has been granted a United States patent.

In today`s environmentally concerned world, they have found an
alternative to the traditional raw material supply. Cured waste
fiberglass amounts to millions of tons of refuse in the continental
United States annually. Their commitment to recycling is reducing
this waste from our landfills and producing an environmentally
friendly alternative to many other products that are manufactured

American Leisure, Street Cars USA

As part of American Leisure, Street Cars USA produces `New Cars
with Old Style Bodies`. They build cars to custom request or create
component packages that become a family project. No more trips to
the junk yard to build vintage cars or `Hot Rods` with our 99% new
parts package. Alternatively, for those who enjoy their thrills in
smaller doses, we are in the process of establishing a network
rental fleet for special outings and vacations.

Fiberglass Recycling

The benefit and the green impact of recycling fiberglass is

American Fiber Green Products is providing a certified, audited

As the recycle market evolution becomes stable and an accepted
industry standard is finalized the science to equate a ton of
fiberglass material will become fully recognized.

Companies who work through our system to reduce landfill and
recycle will become qualified for carbon neutral status. AFGP
offers this program to you to verify the efforts taken to become
more environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon footprint.

AFGP will record and track and certify the tonnage of recycled
fiberglass material. Once this is completed the records will be
made available to some of the platforms that are developing to use
these certifications to establish credits. AFGP believes within the
next few years, these credits for recycled fiberglass will lead
into directions such as carbon tax credits cap & trade regulations,
energy recycling tax credits or some other program, instrument that
currently does not exist. By banking these certified credits, you
may see a free and fair market value equal to or greater than the
current value of some of the scrap themselves resulting in positive

American Fiber Green Products, Inc. Enters Multi-Billion Dollar
Wind Energy Industry

AFBG recently announced that the company has tapped into the
multi-billion dollar wind energy industry.

Thank you,

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