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**CFGX** A Brand New EXPLOSIVE Sub-Penny Play!

Stock Exploder   (Thursday, June 28, 2012 8:18 AM EST)

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Howdy Folks,

Today`s new alert is Capital Financial Global, Inc. (CFGX)

CFGX is currently trading at just .0073 and with their relatively
small float a big run could be just around the corner!

The timing on this alert could be perfect as the Company has
released major news! The Company announced that they have formed a
small hard money lending syndicate to fund smaller transactions
that don`t meet current minimum size limitations. With the
formation of this new division CFGX greatly increases their overall
revenue potential as they will no longer have to pass on smaller

CFGX is a specialty finance company that provides asset-backed
financing and loan advisory services to insurance trusts and
pension funds, owners of commercial real estate, owners of
residential real estate portfolios and owners of mining & precious
metal assets:

According to Prudential Financial, in 2011 the Global Market of
Institutional-Grade Commercial Real Estate was said to be around
$26.6 trln with the US and Canada accounting for an estimated $7.5
CFGX helps commercial real estate owners and managers obtain needed
liquidity that, unlike traditional bank lending, is based on the
cash flow or liquidation value of the asset, rather than the credit
profile of the borrower.
CFGX expects to have 1,000 loans under their new loan servicing
platform by the end of this current year and to have 10,000 on
board by the end of 2013. This will bring in a substantial revenue
base in monthly servicing fees in addition to allowing them to more
effectively manage loan interest rate spreads and loan portfolio
sales and acquisitions.
Unlike hard money lenders, CFGX will help residential real estate
investors obtain the funds they need to purchase, refinance and
renovate their projects without gouging them with unrealistic fees.
The Company recently announced the figures for its Insurance
Lending unit. They reported $16.4 MLN of loans in process which
corresponds to approximately $328k in estimated revenue.
The Company is also in the process of raising funds and bringing
the St. Louis Mine back into production and having it as a
long-term value producing asset.

CFGX could be an excellent sub-penny opportunity! At just .0073 it
wouldn`t take much movement to see a massive percentage run!

Unlike traditional banking models, CFGX helps organizations obtain
needed liquidity by using an asset-backed approach rather than a
traditional credit approach to originating new loans, buying and
selling existing loans and converting distressed collateral into

CFGX generates revenue by charging loan servicing fees and by
selling distressed assets that they acquire for their own
investment or through some type of foreclosure.

The Company plans to aggressively pursue new opportunities that
fall within its overall strategy. CFGX remains highly diversified
by operating in several high growth market segments that include
residential and commercial real estate, insurance trusts and
pension funds, precious metals and investment grade government

CFGX is also in the process of raising funds and bringing the St.
Louis Mine back into production and having it as a long-term value
producing asset. The Company recently reported that the lab results
of 6 samples of ore taken from the mine tested positive for the
presence of gold. Together with the fire assays, additional lab
tests and the Mineral Land Assessment studies done, the latest
results provide further indication that the mine has gold in it.

Remember to trade smart, research your options, and use due

Thank you,

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