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An Explosion on the Horizon for **TFIV**

Stock Exploder   (Sunday, July 8, 2012 1:18 PM EST)

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Howdy Folks,
Are you ready to kick start the week with an EXPLOSION Well I
know I am... so000..... It`s time to introduce you to a company
that could begin blowing up come tomorrow!!!

This stock has slowly descended in the past few months to a price
range that we findEXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE right now.

We recommend that you do your research on this one ASAP!

Our BRAND NEW announcement is:

** TFIV **

TFIV has tremendously climbed down in the last few months.

The stock was trading as high as $1.75 in April!!

Along with most of the market TFIV had a downward descent and
reached roughly 50 cents just last month.

Since then it has been slowly climbing back up and is now nearly 70

We think TFIV may continue this UPTREND and could be on its way
back to $1.00+ pretty soon!

It was only recently that TFIV changed its name to T5 Corp. and
many may not know about the change yet or what new direction the
Company is in.

TFIV`s new name reflects the change in business strategy to focus
on the waste to commodity business in the oil and gas industry.

TFIV is in an industry that may be underestimated by many at how
PROFITABLE it really is.

One of the most important things we can do for our planet is to
recycle. With such a massive population, the world needs all the
help it can get to sustain it and recycling plays a big role.

DId you know that by simply recycling ONE aluminium can, we are
able to save enough energy to run a TV for around 3 hours

TFIV is focused on recycling on a much bigger scale by providing
remediation and recycling services to the $250 billion+ oil
exploration and production industry!!

The Company also invents, manufactures, and operates revolutionary
waste-to-commodity technologies within the energy industry.

TFIV is currently trading at: $0.68

If you think TFIV shares look high priced, then quickly imagine how
much waste the oil industry accumulates when drilling.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) estimates that approximately
1.21 barrels of total drilling waste are generated for every foot
drilled in the United States.

Did you know a lot of this waste could equate to MONEY

This is where TFIV can step in!

TFIV specializes in the recovery of materials and the conversion of
waste to commodity and works worldwide within the Oil & Gas

The Company adds great value to Oil Companies/refineries with their
ability to convert their hazardous waste into marketable

TFIV is LEADING THE INDUSTRY by using their patented systems to
transform spent catalyst, tank bottom sludge and drill cuttings.

In many cases TFIV can convert a client`s disposal costs into a

TFIV has already made significant progress on contracts in the
Middle Eastand Kazakhstan!

A Letter of Intent for the Middle East contract was signed in early
June and the Memorandum of Understanding is expected to be
finalized this month!

The Kazakhstan contract negotiations are underway and significant
progress is being made. The TFIV team will be making a final trip
to Kazakhstan in August of 2012 to complete technology


#1 On June 30, 2012, TFIV has successfully completed a $1.3 million
capital raise!

The gross proceeds will be used to finance capital expenditures
that service current contracts and a proposed acquisition to expand
operations in the Bakken.

#2 TFIV has entered into a five-year Teaming Agreement with
Remedial Construction Services, L.P. (RECON), an environmental
remediation services provider.

TFIV and RECON have agreed to jointly pursue remediation and
recycling opportunities using their combined technology.

RECON will be primarily responsible for projects in North America
and has agreed thatTFIV will be the exclusive technology provider
in connection with mutually agreed projects and the remediation of
soils and sludge using TFIV`s indirect thermal desorption

TFIV will be the prime contractor on projects outside North America
and will have the right to employ RECON`S ionizer, organophilic
clay and LSS technologies.

Patrick Garrett, CEO of TFIV, commented, "The new capital and the
RECON agreement provide T5 the opportunity to execute elements of
our growth plan. Our management team is excited about the support
investors are showing towards T5 and our long-term strategy. We
expect that our current and pending contracts will generate
significant monthly revenue commencing within the next several


The waste management industry in the U.S. includes about 18,000
companies with combined annual revenue of about $75 billion!

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the global
waste and recycling industry collects more than 11 billion tons of
solid waste and generatesabout $410 billion in revenue each year!


Now there are more oil rigs drilling than at any other time in
history. According to the Company`s website, a drilling of a new
well leads to production of 1,500 tons of contaminated material!

With more than 2,400 oil rigs drilling in the US alone, this
equates to more than 3 million tons of contaminated material!!

TFIV`s team has been recycling drill cuttings since 1992 and has
developed proprietary technology specifically for this application!


Oil lakes are prevalent throughout the Middle East and the former
Soviet Union.

Oil Lakes created by war, vandalism, inefficient extraction
methods, and other factors are estimated to contain more than 5
billion barrels of oil in the country of Turkmenistan alone!

TFIV has the expertise and technology to operate zero-oxygen
solutions that are required to transform this waste into commodity
and is currently negotiating with three different countries to
clean their oil lakes!!

Imagine producing a billion barrels of oil without the cost of
exploration and extraction, while at the same time, eliminating
environmental contamination!


T5 Corp. (TFIV) invents, manufactures, and operates revolutionary
Waste-2-Commodity technologies within the energy industry, focusing
on the oil and gas industry.

Its technologies transform waste into usable products, protecting
the health and living conditions of others.

TFIV`s management team has more than 100 years of combined
experience in remediation projects and has designed, built and
operated successful remediation projects throughout the world for
more than 15 years.

TFIV develops innovative strategies for delisting waste and utilize
their expertise to custom manufacture equipment to manage that
waste. The Company is a vertically integrated technology company
that owns their own IP and manufactures equipment to meet project
specifications for clients.

With decades of combined field experience, TFIV`s management team
has proven their ability to design for, manufacture and operate
nearly all the major thermal remediation technologies in the

The Company also provides remediation expertise on both large and
small projects, and their equipment has the ability to operate in
the most remote locations. TFIV`sequipment has proven to remediate
most hazardous contaminants, like: PCB`s, Chlorinated Sovents, MGP
Waste, Coal Tar, Oil Lagoons, Oil Lakes and Reserve Pits.

The TOP 5 Reasons to look at TFIV right now:

TFIV was trading over $1.00 not too long ago and many are not aware
yet of the Company`s new business name and direction.

TFIV`s leadership team has more than 120 years of combined industry
experience and over 20 years of working together on successful

With more than 2,400 oil rigs drilling in the US alone, this
equates to more than 3 million tons of contaminated material!

TFIV CEO Patrick Garrett joined Remtech in 2002 and eventually grew
Remtech to an annual profit of $ 4.5 million!

TFIV just rcecently completed a $1.3 million capital raise!

More information on TFIV can be found here: www.t5corp.com



Thank you,

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