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Hototc.com - PNGB has former cfo from True Religion Apparel

HotOTC   (Sunday, October 4, 2009 11:49 PM EST)

More on PNGBOne great thing about PNGB is that they are not tied down to any one particular store. By selling their brands through numerous retailers throughout the country they don`t have the overhead risk of owning stores. This strategy is obviously working for them as clearly demonstrated by their revenues..

Have you heard of True Religion Apparel Inc. It trades for close to $25 a share. A few years ago it was under $.75 a share. The former CFO of True religion is now the CFO of PNGB!!!

At only $.15 PNGB looks attractive, you make your own judgment.

A great way to reveal our identities and who we are is by our clothing choices.

No wonder apparel is such a profitable sector!

PNGB has a mission to become a world leader in trend-setting fashions.

I believe this is very possible considering that one of PNGB`s brands has already made appearances in huge magazines like Vogue and Glamour!

PNGB`s brand Crafty Couture is for the everyday fashionista and offers funky tanks and t-shirts, edgy purses, trucker hats, and a range of luxurious beauty products.

Crafty Couture`s clothing, accessories and jewelry have been featured in top magazines like Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Glamour!

Remember Von Dutch with those funky trucker hats Christian Audigier, the creator of Von Dutch (and also the world famous Ed Hardy), took his companies from $10 million in 2005 to over $35 million in 2006!

There is an obvious demand for trendy clothing.

The company`s roster of clients is also very impressive.

PNGB client list includes: Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom, Macy`s, Forever 21, Nieman Marcus, Victoria`s Secret, and Sears!

PNGB is committed to building a diverse stable of apparel brands, capitalizing on opportunities to participate in the hottest fashion trends as they happen.

PNGB is well aware of how tough our economy has gotten.

PNGB wants to bring eye-popping product lines to market at competitive price points.

This puts PNGB in a position for strong sales and growth even through hard economic times like we are seeing now.

PNGB already has seven popular brands already available throughout North America and international opportunities stretching throughout Europe and Asia!

PNGB`s current brands include: SoSik, which represents affordable fashions for the burgeoning junior market; Scrapbook and Crafty Couture, which are aimed at the teen and junior markets and features mix and match knits; Tea & Honey, a casual ladies wear collection; and Haven, a value oriented contemporary print dress label.

PNGB`s Sosik products are designed to look like expensive fashion garments but fortunately a junior shopper`s modest budget can afford them.

PNGB has seen some amazing growth in figures.

This is a billion dollar industry and I believe PNGB could become a major player very soon!

To read more about PNGB and their different brands, visit their website at: http://www.panglobalbrand.com Always do your own research and consult with your own financial professional.


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