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How SNPK`s Clotamin is taking over retailers` shelves nationwide!

HotOTC   (Sunday, April 22, 2012 1:30 PM EST)

Hi Everyone,SNPK experienced a temporary setback a few days ago hitting 60 cents at some point but it all is forgotten now as SNPK soared back to almost $1.50 already and is showing strong signs of continuing this uptrend throughout the coming week.

It has probably been a frustrating few days for everyone, but if we continue believing in SNPK as we have been all along we could be pleasantly surprised soon if it continues creeping up higher towards its $9 target.

SNPK received a $9 target price and a STRONG BUY recommendation by an independent research firm just a few days ago, and they still stand behind their rating.SNPK`s stellar announcements:

Latest News: SNPK announced an advertising and promotion agreement with the Soul Football Team to be used in conjunction with the placement of Clotamin in about 60 Walgreens locations in the greater Philadelphia area
SNPK signs advertising and promotion agreement with Arizona Cardinals. Clotamin to be sold in all 240 Walgreens locations across Arizona!
SNPK entered agreement with a UK based heathcare firm to introduce Clotamin to the UK and European Union countries. This was another great move by the company to grab market share in countries across the pond!
SNPK receives $9 price target, and STRONG BUY recommendation by Small Cap Investment Research.
SNPK (in a first move to expand to international markets) announced an LOI to export Clotamin to top pharmacies in Russia. The initial roll out will be into 414 Imperia-Pharma locations in the country. This news is absolutely gigantic, and will attract foreign investors` interest in SNPK!
SNPK Inks Sponsorship and Marketing Agreement with Portland Trail Blazers, Clotamin to be sold at 79 Walgreens locations throughout Oregon and Southern Washington. This news is very welcome as it shows us that the company is not only expanding rapidly in the south east, but also throughout the country as it looks to gain critical mass for Clotamin!
SNPK announced that the AACSA could carry Clotamin into up to 11,200 stores in the next 36 months! With 1,200 stores "trial" to start shortly!
SNPK announced a sales and marketing agreement with Acosta is a major milestone for SNPK because Acosta has developed relationships with the nation`s largest retailers. With $50 billion in system-wide sales and nearly 20,000 associates that monthly call on over 100,000 retail stores per month Acosta is a key player in the industry and has a monster list of clients that include Walmart, Campbell`s, Procter & Gamble!
SNPK announced that Clotamin will be available at 57 Winn-Dixie stores across South Florida. This news is absolutely fantastic because the Winn-Dixie group (with parent company) operate almost 1,000 stores throughout America and after rolling out Clotamin into the initial 57 stores the product may have a great chance of being sold at additional locations in their network. For those of you who don`t know the Winn-Dixie stores had over $7 billion in revenue in 2010 so this announcement is gigantic.
SNPK announced that Clotamin is now available online nationwide at Walgreen`s. We aren`t even going to comment about this announcement as everyone knows fairly well how enormous Walgreens is and just how huge this news is. In fact you can go to Walgreens online right now and order Clotamin if you need it! It`s only 25.99!
SNPK announced that Clotamin will be sold at Tropical supermarkets in South Florida.
SNPK announced that Clotamin will be sold at Bravo supermarkets in South Florida.
SNPK announced that Clotamin will be sold at approximately 70 Drug Mart locations in Ohio. Being carried by Drug Mart in Ohio is amazing for SNPK as it begins expanding outside of the Florida and into retailers nationwide.
SNPK`s clotamin will also be sold at over 34 Sedano`s stores in Florida. Sedano`s is the No. 1 Hispanic owned retailer in the US, and is also the largest member of the Associated Grocers of Florida. This in itself is a huge achievement for Clotamin as it pierces in the Latin American market.
SNPK announced that Clotamin will be sold at Navarro Discount Pharmacies.
SNPK announced that Dakota Drug Inc. is a distributor for Clotamin. This milestone is very important as these key distributors can dramatically increase Clotamin`s presence in the marketplace.
The company took the following steps to advertise its product and support its online and in-store presence:

SNPK entered into an agreement with NBA super star Paul Silas to be the national spokesperson for Clotamin.
SNPK announced that Steve Procko Productions (SPP) produced a commercial for Clotamin (it can be viewed on snpk`s website). SPP is a very relevant production company that`s created ads for AT&T, Cheerios, and many others but more importantly they`ve created ads for Pfizer. For those of you who don`t know who Pfizer is they are one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in existence. In fact the company is worth almost $200 billion. So SPP has experience working with pharmaceutical companies, and if you look at the commercial they`ve created for SNPK it is absolutely stellar and worth its weight in gold.
SNPK then announced that they will begin a national advertising campaign on TV. The ads began airing on networks such as MSNBC, CNN, and Discovery Channel two weeks ago.

If you haven`t told your friends and family about SNPK yet now is the time! They probably already hate you for not telling them about it when it was still trading at 30 cents, and they will absolutely despise you if you don`t tell them right now and it hits multi dollar levels!

You should also consider telling your colleagues, neighbors, twitter/facebook/social media friends about it! SNPK is still viral and hot.

You can do simple things such as forward this email to all your contact list!

Investors seem to be holding out for multi dollar levels, and everyone wants to see SNPK hit $9!

SNPK is trading at huge discounts compared to last week, and could possibly see an almost 800% rise from current levels according to analysts!

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