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How quickly could SNPK go to $9?

HotOTC   (Thursday, April 12, 2012 9:50 PM EST)

Hi Everyone,SNPK is now in the midst of its next bull run with an independent research firm`s upgrade to STRONG BUY at current levels and $9 share price target! Do you realize what this means!

This means that according to the analyst there is right around 500% more to be made from current levels!

We`ve never seen such a strong appetite to own shares of SNPK!

At this rate of continuation the next leg up tomorrow will be $2 or higher which would be a great way to end the week on a positive note!

It`s estimated that millions of dollars of short positions will need to be covered(by buying SNPK) in the coming trading sessions at possibly MUCH higher prices than current levels for a gigantic buying rush NEVER BEFORE SEEN for SNPK!

We could say that our alert today is as relevant as it was on Day 1 thanks to guidance from the research report pointing us towards an extra 500% of possible additional gains from current levels!

All of SNPK shareholders must now be drooling to see $9 as soon as possible, and at the pace it is climbing now this could happen in the next few days!

Patience has paid off in a BIG way for our members, and it continues to reward those who are continuously holding patienly!

SNPK is an enterprise that is well positioned in the current marketplace. More than 30 million blood thinner prescriptions are issued every year and each one of those prescriptions can be safely coupled with SNPK`s Clotamin!

The market possibilities are now even greater thanks to newly inked agreements to facilitate Clotamin`s introduction into the European Union, UK, and Russia.

We wouldn`t be surprised if investors from major financial hubs such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and London are now considering investing in SNPK as well since such investors are attracted heavily by a company`s international strategy!

If any of you remember `lexg` it is a pennystock that went from initial levels similar to SNPK all the way up to over $10 in a short period of time. With the analyst`s upgrade of SNPK to $9 target and a STRONG BUY it makes tremendous upside now possible!

If you are holding SNPK right now you want to see it hit $9 as much as everyone!

(please refer to our previous emails for links to the independent analyst report, Clotamin`s website and SNPK`s website)

Do you really think SNPK will stay under $2 much longer We believe it is destined to become our GREATEST FEATURE EVER!

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