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SNPK is the most viral pick in history!

HotOTC   (Tuesday, April 17, 2012 8:16 PM EST)

Hi Everyone,SNPK is our most impressive pick ever. It`s closed green for 12 consecutive trading days, and is showing very positive signs of continuation.

This uprend could be here to stay. It`s been getting ahold of 10% gains per day consistently throughout every one of the green trading days.

At this rate of continuation of 10% per day we would cross $3 before the end of the week, and close at right around $5 next week.

Everyone who has been holding patiently since our initial alert almost 2 months ago must be absolutely ecstatic right now. You guys have made around 900% already and counting!

Those of you who didn`t buy SNPK yet or who did buy SNPK earlier this week may have a lot of upside to look forward to.

An independent research firm issued a Strong Buy recommendation and $9 SNPK price target.

This would translate to 400% additional gains from current levels which is a phenomenal gain for latecomers!

We plan on updating you about SNPK throughout the month of May so be on the look out for more email correspondence from us!

For those of you who want a recap of SNPK please refer to the email we sent you on Sunday the 15th. Did you hold on to it

If not we will be sending another recap in the coming days. SNPK is holding strong and is soaring fast!

SNPK is setting up for one of the most powerful short-squeezes in history!

SNPK is now a viral phenomenon and everyone wants a piece of it so make sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues about this amazing company while it is still trading at just over $2! If you don`t they may hold you reponsible for not giving them a chance to make money!SNPK is the hottest pick on the market right now, and it`s just getting started!

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