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SNPK ready to start a fresh week!

HotOTC   (Saturday, April 21, 2012 12:37 PM EST)

Hi Everyone,SNPK finished the week very strongly despite the retraction on Wednesday. It may be trading lower right now from its high a few days ago, but the uptrend it has begun since Thursday show us that it`s working its way right back up.

SNPK is our best pick ever and we stand by it. We still believe in SNPK today as much as we did before the setback. Nothing has changed.

In fact, analysts still have their Strong Buy rating still active,with a target of $9 per share.

Our members could have an upside of as much as 800% from current levels. Just 48 hours ago SNPK was on its way to break $3+. It could make a come back at the speed of light as the company continues to release important news that has Wallstreet drooling over shares of SNPK.

Patience has always been key with SNPK, and is is still as important. SNPK has been good at producing consistent 5-25% gains per day, and if it can just continue along that road we could break $3 next week.

The company announced earlier in the week that Clotamin will be available in 60 Walgreens locations in Philadelphia.

It also announced that the Arizona Cardinals will be used in Clotamin promotions across Arizona!

Remember that Paul Silas is still endorsing Clotamin nationwide, and that the Portland Trail Blazers are still in the mix as well.

Moreover there are hundreds of retail locations set to begin carrying Clotamin very soon. This is FAR from over, in fact SNPK is just getting started.

Clotamin could be available in up to 11,200 thanks to SNPK`s association with AACSA.

We also think that SNPK could potentially get Clotamin into Walmart and Target thanks to the sales and marketing agreement it reached with Acosta a few weeks ago.

Wouldn`t you say that SNPK is just getting started It`s only been a few days since it received its upgrade to Strong Buy and $9 target from analysts and investors are just now beginning to realize how much potential SNPK holds.SNPK is bouncing back up as we can all see and if it can continue showing us gains of just 25% per day we will break $3 next week!

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