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SNPK`s Clotamin to be sold in 240 Walgreens locations in Arizona!

HotOTC   (Saturday, April 14, 2012 4:04 PM EST)

Hi Everyone,SNPK closed up the week with a huge gain, and announced amazing news at the close.

It is a deal similar to the one the company struck with the Portland Trail Blazers & Walgreens Oregon/Washington.

SNPK reached an agreement with a major sports team in Arizona to use their team name and logo in connection with an in-store Clotamin promotion, including the prominent placement of counter point-of-sale displays in all Walgreens locations in the state of Arizona for the duration of the promotion ? approximately five months, beginning on June 1st.

During the consumer promotion and advertising program, Clotamin will be featured at Team home games on signage and other marketing elements throughout the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Clotamin will be available at the 240 Walgreens locations across Arizona.

SNPK is expanding very fast into both international and national markets. We believe that the company`s partnership with NBA legend Paul Silas is helping them ink all these different deals with each state`s most relevant NBA teams.

Do you have any idea how challenging it is for companies to create campaigns that are as targetted as what SNPK is doing right now It is in fact every company`s dream to be able to do that!

No wonder analysts gave SNPK a target of $9 and a STRONG BUY at current levels!

The phenomenal news just keeps piling up, and with thousands of stores due to begin carrying Cloamin soon we could be in for a huge ride in the coming weeks.

Walmart would also be a perfect match to carry Clotamin into their stores country wide and globally as well thanks to their extensive meds aisles and consumer reach.

We may not be able to buy SNPK for under $2 much longer!

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