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SNPK still rising! Now available on Ebay!

HotOTC   (Monday, April 30, 2012 6:50 PM EST)

Hello everyone,

After a rough week it looks like SNPK will start off May with a bang!

We plan on continuing to update you on SNPK as there is so much going on at the company and it could soar at any moment.

When we first mentioned SNPK in our newsletter we did something that was completely unprecedented, we made a promise! We promised you that we firmly believed in SNPK and those who bought it saw gains of over 400%. All our picks in 2011 have done really well for our subscribers, so think about it; why would we still be covering SNPK if we did not firmly believe that it could still have a long way to go!

The research firm behind SNPK`s upgrade to STRONG BUY still stands firmly behind their recommendation and price target of $9 which would translate into gains of over 1,000% from current levels.

Well, here is the next big news that we believe could give SNPK the boost it needs to run higher than it has ever been:

-SNPK has signed an advertising agreement with CBS radio. New York City based WFAN 660AM is considered a pioneer of the sports radio format and has been home to some of the biggest celebrity names in radio. In total, 120 Live Read and 45 recorded Clotamin advertisements are expected to be aired over the 3 week duration of the contract period in May

-SNPK announced that Burt Reynolds, a golden globe winner and Oscar nominee, will actually be putting his face on their ads. Remember, celebrity endorsements are one of the proven ways to multiply the value of a company. In additions to Paul Silas, who is still an official spokesperson for Clotamin, and many sports teams who are being used to advertise the product, Burt Reynolds should be able to give SNPK that huge push towards the stars.

-SNPK struck deals to place Clotamin in close to 500 Wallgreens locations all over the nation and continues working on international expansion plans.

-SNPK has a venture with AACSA that could get Clotmin into up to 11,200 retail locations in the country!

-Clotamin is now available nationwide on Walgreens online it is also available on Ebay and Amazon!

In short, we believe that the only thing last week`s drop has given us is a second chance to those of you who wished they had gotten on board when this was trading at low prices. Do you really believe that SNPK will stay at less than a dollar for long, this may be your final chance!

SNPK may not sit at under a buck for much longer!

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