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SNPK touches $2 - Analysts think it could still go to $9

HotOTC   (Monday, April 16, 2012 6:30 PM EST)

Hi Everyone,SNPK briefly touched $2 today. It has been going up steadily for the past 2 weeks about 10% per day, and at this pace is set to pass $3 this week, and $5 next week.

We plan on updating you about SNPK throughout the month of May due to how great the company is doing for our members, and because it seems like the best is yet to come!

SNPK is setting up for one of the most powerful short-squeezes in history!

We explained to you this morning how powerful a short squeeze can be. We can take Volkswaggen as an example. The company experienced a massive short-squeeze recently that resulted in its shares soaring almost 300% a very very short period of time after Porsche stepped in!

If such a big short squeeze can happen to a multi billion dollar blue chip company can you imagine what kind of upside potential a small company like SNPK could benefit from

SNPK shorters are getting squeezed further thanks in part to analysts` upgrade of the company.

SNPK received a $9 target price and a STRONG BUY recommendation just a few short days ago (by an independent research firm) and subsequently began soaring faster than ever before!

Shorters will have to buy back MILLIONS of dollars worth of SNPK shares very soon, and we all know how much this could help SNPK`s share price go through the roof.

If you haven`t seen it yet here is our SNPK video brief: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=cEb15EWu7t4&

SNPK also received a new report this morning issued by world renowned Zacks Investment Research firm.

We quote: "With peak opportunity, we think Sunpeaks Ventures could be easily worth $1 to $1.5 billion in market value. "

They are in essence saying that SNPK could be easily worth about $4 a share, and that`s coming from a huge research firm!

Keep in mind that on Friday SNPK announced that Clotamin will be available in all 240 Walgreens locations in Arizona, and that they have reached an endorsement deal with a major sports team in the state.

NBA legend Paul Silas is also endorsing Clotamin, and the Portland Trail Blazers are allowing Clotamin to use their name/logo in all promotional materials for Clotamin the North West (Washington/Oregon)

SNPK`s fate seems have been written in the stars (no pun intended) since its debut in March, and it looks like it is just warming up.

SNPK is now a viral phenomenon and everyone wants a piece of it so make sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues about this amazing company while it is still trading at just around $2!

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