Therapeutic Solutions International Inc (OTCMKTS:TSOI) Rears Its Head Again

Here is a little riddle – what barely trades, has not filed a financial report for years and is more volatile than a heated deodorant can? The short answer is Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TSOI). Yesterday, driven by a press release, the company’s stock went up 296% by the closing bell.

Yesterday morning TSOI announced filing a patent application for one of its products, which should “augment” the efficacy of existing immuno-oncology drugs that are already out there. Basically, it’s a nutraceutical, which should synergize well with cancer drugs. And it just got its patent application filed. Obviously that was enough for people to buy TSOI all the way out of the bottom end of double zeroes and to just over a cent per share.

Sadly, TSOI has all the trappings of a sob story waiting to happen about it. Barring yesterday’s spike, the company traded a total of 62 thousand shares over the past month, with 15 zero-volume sessions, so it’s safe to say that people were not exactly keeping the ticker on their radar.

To make matters worse, TSOI was a Pink No Info stock, stamped with a red STOP sign on OTC Markets. For some reason, that status has now been updated to Pink Limited Info and the STOP sign was replaced with a warning sign. That is all because TSOI last filed a financial report back in 2013. Fittingly, we last covered the company back in 2013 too and back then, things were not looking too good either. Here is what TSOI last had to show on its balance sheet as of September 2013:

  • $12 thousand in cash
  • $751 thousand in current liabilities
  • $56 thousand in quarterly sales
  • $109 thousand in net loss

The sales figure is derived from sales of a plastic device used as an alternative to dental splints that prevent teeth grinding during sleep.

The company’s OTC Markets page states that TSOI had 400,000,000 outstanding shares as of December 2014. The lack of any current financial reports makes it impossible to know how many shares the company has at the moment and what its financial situation is. The lack of real liquidity over the past few months, combined with the reporting delinquency of the company make TSOI an extremely risky investment.

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