Xumanii, Inc. f/k/a Medora Corp (OTCMKTS:XUII) Closes Below the 20 Cent Mark

24XUII_chart.pngIn all my articles, on Xumanii, Inc. f/k/a Medora Corp (OTCMKTS:XUII) I’ve tried to warn readers of the dangers associated with this stock.

Yesterday XUII crashed 23.84% and closed at $0.1965 on approximately 17.8 million shares. This was a new low since May 13, when Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) revealed XUII was their “new pick.”

2GOFFE.pngAfter my article from yesterday morning, a reader said they thought XUII was a good stock to buy because APS wasn’t “done” with it yet. The part about pumpers not being done with XUII, may be correct, as the banner on the website of APS still says XUII is their “monster pick.” This, however, doesnt’ mean APS can do much about it.

The pumpers held on to Goff Corp (OTCBB:GOFF) and Swingplane Ventures (OTCBB:SWVI) days after they had started crashing. As you can see on the charts, that didn’t stop the price from dropping.

04SWVI.pngAdditionally, yesterday neither APS, nor any of its affiliates, mailed on XUII. Only the newsletters of Victory Mark did, and their email was strangely similar to the last sent by APS. This only makes it more interesting to see what will happen with the next stock the outfits try to pump.

The company itself hasn’t announced anything since Friday. There is still time for them the squeeze in a fluff press release before the open, but even if they do, it may too late to have a significant effect on the market.

With Xumanii, traders who play APS pumps didn’t get as much as they are used to. Whether Victory Mark is crashing in on pumps of APS or it’s the other way around, if the two pumper outfits bump heads on their next pick it may result in another disappointing pump.

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