22nd Century Group, Inc. (OTCBB:XXII) Looks Optimistic On European Patent News

22nd Century Group, Inc. (OTCBB:XXII) already looks to an optimistic ending of the year, as in November it grew by a third, and started December with optimistic news of patents granted in Europe and additional growth late last week, during the post-holiday session. XXII in the past months has been building up its business for 2014, and now will have to prove its mettle beyond the effect of PR messages. XXII0212.png

XXII stood exactly at the $1.30 levels, adding a bit more than 6.5% on subdued trading volumes around $210,000. Now, Monday may benefit from the effect of the patent news. XXII managed to receive protection for isolating two nicotine-producing genes of the tobacco plant. The patents will be issued in the next few months, and will last until 2026. This allows the central idea of XXII– producing tobacco products with internally modified nicotine content. VPCO0212.png

Still, there are short sales for XXII, betting that the ticker has moved into an unsustainable price range. Also, the short selling coincides with a period where holders of warrants are exercising them, so investors are expecting that the pressure be taken off XXII in the weeks to come. XXII is also mentioned in investors’ newsletters, so the awareness remains robust, though without a full paid promotion.

XXII also works on reduced-alkaloid biomass tobacco species that are to be used outside the tobacco products industry, as a way to utilize other potential uses of the tobacco plant biomass. All of this is integrated into the trademarked Verfola variety.

In connection to XXII, Vapor Corp. (OTCBB:VPCO) also holds its position, despite a pre-holiday correction. For this company, there are hopes that the potential will be recognized in the new year. VPCO added 5% on Friday to reach $1.68 on trading volumes above $214,000.

Victory Electronic Cigaretted, Corp. (OTCMKTS:ECIG) starts to look more worrying, as after a few flECIG0212.pngat days the ticker slid down toward the $9 levels, and has a wide berth to continue the drop, despite the promises and the recent high prices.

If you still want to take up XXII, keep in mind that the upward potential does not guarantee periods without some setbacks, given that the ticker has been going upward relentlessly for a while, and may take a breather. XXII will also have to show its revenue streams, and how well its partnerships with big tobacco companies will work.

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