3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TDEY) Inches Up Again

It’s amazing how much the double-zero range can hold when a stock stages a climb at those extremely low levels. In the past weeks, 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TDEY) is fighting hard to get factions of a penny, still managing to add 19% on Tuesday to $0.003. The climb to $0.0015 looked just as dramatic on the graph. TDEY0605.png

At such a low price, TDEY is not too busy with press releases, but there’s a changing of the tides as the company announced a new CEO, Mr. Clark Ortiz. He suggests an expansion of 3D media technologies will be beneficial for the company, such as 3D mobile phones and even 3D capture devices. BIEL0605.png

But the success of the industry does not guarantee the success of the separate company. Still, May is extremely successful for TDEY, as the company pushed upward from triple-zero levels. The ticker has not seen a promotion since the summer of 2012, but this would not even be necessary, given that a low price itself is enough to guarantee interest. The company has not been overly active with press releases either, just sharing its financial results, with no future promises or the usual noise of companies using PR to pump their prices.

TDEY has fallen from heights of 20 cents when it first started trading, and held at 2 cents at the height of the 2012 promotion. Since then, TDEY traded on low volumes for a small faction of that price, all the while sharing only very limited information about the underlying business activities. This pink sheet revealed the following in its latest financial filing from the end of April:

  • Zero revenues
  • $52,000 net loss for last quarter of 2012
  • Zero cash, $80,000 current assets, mostly receivables
  • $1.2 million debt

The picture shows some ongoing concerns for TDEY as it has piled up debt. The ticker shed most of its value over the years, only spiking briefly in 2012 on several promotions, but since the middle of 2012 its main attraction was the low price, causing record after record in buying volumes, but very little recovery on a greater scale.

Hypothetically, pumpers may decide to revive TDEY, especially if they bought shares and have a skin in the game. But there are enough double-zero tickers to choose from, such as Bioelectronics, Corp. (OTCMKTS:BIEL), moving between $0.001 and $0.003 in the past month or so. This ticker has not seen a promotion as well and moves solely on the interest of speculative buyers and sellers.

While stocks below a penny could mark amazing games, it is best to stay away unless you can afford to lose your whole investment.

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