Alkaline Water Co, Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) Sheds a Fifth, Despite PR Efforts

The Alkaline Water Co, Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) made another deep cut in its price, as in the past month the ticker has been sliding to a lower range. WTER slid down 20% on Tuesday, reaching 28 cents on selling volumes of above $931,000. Not even the regular press releases are impressive to investors anymore, as the downward turn is gaining momentum, following the latest financial filing that did not inspire too much trust in the company’s success. WTER1120.png

In the recent days, WTER picked a new representative in Arizona, Co-Sales Company. In another press release, WTER states it now ships to El Rancho Supermarket in Texas. Yet despite the expanding distribution network, the quarterly report holds dire warnings. WTER lists as its major risks a lack of working capital, an inability to raise additional funding, as well as various obstacles in the management of the business. Still, WTER marked some revenues: $126,745. The net loss for the quarter ended September 30 was $485,481. Other filings include:  TQLA1120.png

  • $297,590 working capital
  • $131,383 net cash increase

WTER promised 2014 would see a boost in production and distribution, but it remains a race against time and short funds. What is curious is that paper mailers are still reaching investors, a 16-page document from Investech Equity and IPO Desktop Premium. While there are investors who see the 25-cent levels as a buying opportunity, WTER is also perceived as doomed after the highest days of the promotion are over.

While the ticker may see some better days, it is doubtful that WTER will return to previous heights, with so much downward pressure.

Now, WTER is in the range of Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (OTCBB:TQLA), also a promising, but over-promoted company, that managed to rise to the dollar levels, but now sank even below 30 cents.ENIP1120.png

Endeavor IP, Inc. (OTCBB:ENIP) was also a recent mover, rising after a change in identities. Now, ENIP is getting choppier, sinking to 70 cents and recovering toward 90 cents in the new week.

In the past, WTER has shown it could add a third to its price on good weeks. This has kept interest up, and while WTER stayed in a tight range around 50 cents, parts of the graph offered robust growth.

We will be tracking WTER further to see if the fallout deepens, like for other pumps that slid as far as 99% down from their peak levels. This was the case of Lot 78, Inc. (OTCBB:LOTE), a paper and email pump that preceded WTER by a few weeks and held on as a major mover.

If you still see buying opportunities in any of the levels for WTER, be aware of the downside risk and avoid investments unless you can afford cuts like the one on Tuesday, or worse.

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