Alkaline Water Co., Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) Still Weak Despite PR

The play of the Alkaline Water Co., Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) seems to be in hiring more and more experts. Supposedly, this could help sales and move out the shares from their almost flat trading period, where the ticker hovers a bit above 50 cents. On Wednesday, WTER made another one of its miniscule climbs, adding a bit less than 2% to stand at $0.518 on trading volumes a bit above $301,000. WTER1107.png

WTER no longer causes wild enthusiasm with its press releases, although it sent away three pieces of news since November 5th. The company will make a relatively small private placement in the nearing months, worth $500,000. The Series B shares will be convertible to around 1.1 million common shares. TQLA1107.png

Otherwise, WTER continues with expanding its team, this time with two marketing experts, Steve Coats and Jeff Dole. Also, the company contacted distributors in Texas. For now, it’s a wait and see for when WTER achieves sustainable sales.

Strangely, the much-touted shop has disappeared, showing no results for the product. But this was no more than another communication channel for the firm, full of positive reviews that suspiciously repeated the contents of press releases. WTER is all about communication, trying to rile up people on social networks by posting links to be shared. So far, WTER has not really used the TV fame of Ms. Brande Roderick.

If you believe WTER is going to break out of the rut, it is best to avoid overcommitment. The company claimed it would begin production in early 2014, but we need to see at least one bout of quarterly results to see where things are going, and if WTER will go beyond the good times of its promotion.

Other companies in a similar position look even sadder as days go by. Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (OTCBB:TQLA) hovered for a while above 30 cents, only to continue the slide toward 26 cents, no end in sight. And TQLA is indeed a promising company with real sales and an in-demand series of products.ENIP1107.png

And now we have another company that resembles the early days of WTER when optimism flowed freely. Endeavor IP, Inc. (OTCBB:ENIP) continues the smooth positive trend, adding a bit each day, and more and more leading us to question how long the good days would continue. ENIP, just like WTER, rides a $1 million promotional campaign.

In the case of WTER, investors’ forums often echo the PR texts of the company, so it is difficult to sift out any pessimistic moods. Perhaps the biggest red flag is a posting revealing that WTER still depends on stock dilution to provide financing before coming onto the market in full. For now, it is best to stay away unless you can afford to wait out the stagnation or even a further drop.

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