Amanasu Techno Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:ANSU) Flying Up The Charts Again

00ANSU.pngAmanasu Techno Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:ANSU)’s shareholders are probably really confused right now. Until a couple of days ago, the stock was virtually forgotten and the last value recorded was deep in double zero territory. Then, on Friday, the ticker opened the session at around $0.03 and made an astonishing run all the way to $0.30. On Monday, trading was even more impressive when the $1 mark was smashed through as if it wasn’t there and the value hit an impressive $1.36 at one point. Tuesday, however, was a different story. After opening at $1.23, ANSU crashed hard, registering daily losses of a whopping 47% and leaving quite a lot of disappointment behind.

The common thought was that the crazy stock movement is over and that the ticker will soon be back where it started, but then yesterday, it caught everyone by surprise once again when it opened below Tuesday’s close, went up and made an eye-popping run during the last twenty minutes of the session. When the closing bell rang, ANSU was standing at $1.66 which is nearly 150% above the previous value.

Looking at the message boards, we can see that there’s still some confusion as to what caused the sudden and unpredictable runs and while there might be some other forces at play, the only reason that we could find is Friday’s alerts from the promotional newsletters.

We discussed yesterday that this whole thing seems to be nothing more than the typical let’s-improve-the-track-record-somewhat-and-boost-the-credibility type of exercise on behalf of the pumpers. The reasons? Quite simple, really: ANSU was a perfect target for this sort of promotion because it wasn’t actively traded, the newsletters sent out the alerts for free (which is something that they’re not quite used to) and as if this wasn’t enough, we can see that some of the promoters are already bragging about their triumphant success. The hottest questions at the moment are: “How long until the pumpers get bored and move on?” and “What will happen to ANSU in the long run?”.

Let’s start with the first one. There is a good chance that the pumpers have already left ANSU to its own devices. After the onslaught of emails on Friday, they did send a couple of more alerts on Monday and then decided to keep quiet, mentioning ANSU as their “previous pick”. The last email so far was received after the end of yesterday’s session when Premier Equity Reports said that ANSU delivered “the biggest gains” ever seen, hinted that it’s now a risky trade (Who would have guessed it?) and suggested that we look forward to their next play. It is possible that some more alerts come in during the next day or two, but right now, we are rather dubious about the whole thing.

That brings us on to the second question: “How will ANSU fare when the artificial hype is gone?”. Well, there seems to be some people who still believe that something big is brewing and that the amazing movements up the chart are not just the results of some pumpers trying to fix their dreadful historic performance, but, quite frankly, we’re not sure why they think so.

We already wrote in our first article that ANSU‘s business plan is somewhat dubious and we also showed you that they really are in a terrible financial mess. Their latest 10-Q claims that they want to get their shares uplisted to NASDAQ and that, in order to do it, they’re planning on raising around $30 million, but quite frankly, with the sort of erratic (putting it mildly) stock performance displayed during the last couple of days, we’re not sure how exactly they’re going to do it.

0SANB.pngAll in all, ANSU‘s volatility and the tendency to move both up and down, with or without a catalyst, makes it one of the most unpredictable tickers on the OTC Bulletin Board, which, by the way can be said about virtually all promoted penny stocks. GRILLiT, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GRLT) and Sanborn Resources Ltd (OTCBB:SANB) are among the best examples.

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