America Resources Exploration Inc. (OTCBB:AREN) Heads Down Again

America Resources Exploration Inc. (OTCBB:AREN) lost 13.33% of its market value in yesterday’s session, and judging by today’s red opening, things will probably not turn out any better in this session either.

As we’ve said on multiple occasions in the past, the fact that AREN hasn’t crashed all the way to triple zero land yet is something of a mystery in and of itself, which is why thus the current stumble is hardly surprising.

However, at this point it is hard to say whether the fall we’re witnessing now is just the result of regular trading taking the ticker for a ride down the charts before the company’s price per share recovers on another round of touting e-mails, or if it is the beginning of AREN‘s slide back to obscurity.

Still, even if the later is not the case now, investors must be aware at all times that downfall is the inevitable fate of all paid pumps, even ones as massive as AREN‘s current promotional campaign.

This is not to say that opportunistic traders may not still manage to make money trading AREN stock – the ticker’s volatility is proof enough that doing so is possible. However, investors should be extra careful in this particular case, because there’s no telling when AREN‘s pump will go bad, and when it does it will probably go down hard and fast, causing a lot of people a lot of grief.

It is up to each and every investor to decide whether or not the risk of going down like that is worth the possible rewards that may come from trading AREN stock.

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