American Heritage International Inc. (OTCBB:AHII) Climbs Higher, Pump Expands

AHIIchart.pngOut of the last ten sessions the stock of American Heritage International Inc. (OTCBB:AHII) has not closed in the red even once. The combination of e-cig hype and multy-million pump seems to be working and investors are pushing AHII up the chart. 

Yesterday the company added another 3,5% to its value end closed the session at the highest point for the day at $1.48. Traders don’t seem to mind the relatively high share price and shifted the record for the company number of 836 thousand shares. As a result the dollar value for the day also reached the record $1.21 million.
Such a chart performance is rather impressive for a company that less than 8 months ago was operating in a different industry under a different name and a different ticker. As we said in our previous article back then the company was trying to resell raw paper products to recycling companies but things didn’t turn out as planned. That is why at the end of August they ditched the previous business plan and joined the booming e-cig market. 
The problem is that the current performance of the company is grossly disconnected from the reality of its fundamentals. Their previous operations left them with rather depressing financials and at the end of September they had:
  • $13 thousand cash
  • $33 thousand total current assets
  • $76 thousand total current liabilities
  • Zero revenues
  • $45 thousand net loss
They are supposed to file their annual report by the end of the month and when that happens we will be able to see how profitable the first quarter as an e-cig producer has really been. For now the PR articles released by the company don’t mention how well sales are going but instead focus on the growing number of retail outlets offering their products. 
The problem is that even if you believe in the potential of the company to become the leading producer in the sector their stock remains extremely risky due to the ongoing promotion. According to the landing page created to tout the stock the pump can rely on a budget of $1.3 million. The same paying party – Rui Long International Inc. also hired the pump newsletter Future Money Trends for a week of email touts. For this service they will bag a compensation of $15 thousand.

At the end of February the company was also featured in a research report issued by Global Research. This is a move often seen in pennyland and after checking the disclaimer we weren’t surprised to learn that Lionsgate Holdings, a shareholder of AHII, paid $5000 for the creation of the report.

90VPCOchart.pngFurthermore as of yesterday investors report that a hard mailer has also been put into circulation. According to its disclaimer the budget for the promotion has gone up and now stands at $1.9 million.

With the rise of Vapor, Corp. (OTCBB:VPCO) and VAPE HOLDINGS INC (OTCMKTS:VAPE) the e-cig industry is enjoying quite a bit of interest from the market. AHII have real products and should have started generating revenues but the pump for their stock demands the use of caution when dealing with them. The SEC is keeping its eye on pumped stocks and just last Friday suspended Petrotech Oil & Gas Inc (OTCMKTS:PTOG).

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