Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (PINK:EXMT) Climbs Another Narrow Peak

The medical marijuana sector proved in the last few days that a new seasonal bubble is blowing up, taking several tickers to new heights and stages. The latest to break through to a peak is Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (PINK:EXMT), an embattled ticker that jumped from the triple-zero zone only in the past ten days. EXMT0405.png

On April 4th, the latest promotional email caused a 33% spike in the price, to $0.006, but the climb was strongest around March 26th, when a new series of promotional emails kicked off. Bird Gang Stocks moved in just in time to pick up EXMT after it crashed following a January promotional campaign. In January, this extremely underpriced ticker reached only $0.003 before it slid back to triple-zero. NTRR0405.png

The promotional campaign moves along with a series of press releases stating that as of the end of March, the company entered in earnest the medical cannabis business. Let’s see what EXMT holds so far, from its previous incarnation as Exchange Mobile Communications, Corp:

  • Current assets: $1,798
  • Current liabilities: $777 thousand
  • Quarterly revenues: $70 thousand
  • Quarterly net loss: $130 thousand

The results are not shared with the SEC, only with the OTC markets. EXMT is quite confident it could run into a new business model with modest funds and a debt burden, stating that the acquisition of R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc. would be completed in 10 days. A penny stock company could close such a deal with stock payment, in effect becoming a vehicle for R-Quest to get exposure to the pink sheet markets.

But no matter what the medical cannabis business promises, EXMT is far riskier in the short run, due to its underpriced ticker. We are uncertain how far the promotion would go, since so far the compensation is unknown, probably zero as pumpers are trying to improve their records and a triple-zero ticker almost guarantees a short-term climb.

EXMT is just one of a whole field of new and old marijuana tickers, most of which are tuning up to a positive trend. Growlife, Inc. (OTC:PHOT) remains robust, adding around 5% on Thursday to $0.057. Neutra Corp. (OTC:NTRR) is yet to show where it is headed after two days of corection.

In any case, we warn that EXMT is already ripe for a drop, as it has done in the past. Be aware of the large potential for losses before you choose a stock with a blatant and obvious pump. The past record of Bird Gang Stocks shows tickers that moved up only around the days of the pump, only to wipe out much of their value afterward.

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