Aristocrat Group Corp (PINK:ASCC) and Stock Mister are Intoxicated

ASCC.png“Throw away the dirty diapers and bring out the vodka!” We admit it’s a sentence you don’t hear very often, but Aristocrat Group Corp (PINK:ASCC)’s directors probably said it during their last meeting.

ASCC started off not that long ago and they had the idea of opening several supercare centers, that were supposed to provide education and training to future families and mothers. They weren’t successful in that venture, and they decided that instead they are going to market some luxury brands and, if the news coming out of their headquarters is to be believed, high-end vodka is on the agenda right now. They say that they have initiated some serious negotiations with distillers and producers of Russia’s favorite alcoholic drink and they also include the compulsory for small cap companies analysis on the market and how profitable it is. We don’t believe them.

We’ll leave aside the fact that the competition in this sector is absolutely vicious. We’ll leave it aside because we believe that ASCC don’t have any intention to start any sort of operations. Even if they do, they won’t be capable of such a thing. Why? Because they have no money. You can take a look through the financials below:

  • current assets: $1,059 in cash only
  • current liabilities: $58,805
  • revenue since inception: $0
  • net loss since inception: $101 thousand

ASCC_logo.jpgSure, every start-up company needs some time to bring in the investments required to start operations but, as you know, before investing any money into anything, you should do the imperative due diligence. If you do it properly, you will see that ASCC is a company that you need to run away from as fast as you can. For one, you can’t be absolutely certain who is running the company at the moment. Every single one of their their filings show Cindy Morrissey as the company CEO. In the latest press-releases, however, Mr. Robert Federowicz is mentioned as the Big Boss. We can’t be sure when or why the change took place since the required 8-K form has not been filed, but that’s not the biggest problem. Ms. Morrissey is still registered as the CEO of another company – Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (EHSI). Back in 2011 EHSI was suspended by SEC’s Micropcap Fraud Warning Group. Having that in mind, you might be thinking that Ms. Morrissey’s departure is a good thing for ASCC, but we beg to differ. We have a good reason to believe that she and Mr. Federowicz have known each other before the change in positions took place.

FTTN.pngThe name Robert Federowicz sounded somehow familiar to us and we managed to find out that he was recently the CEO of a mining company called FIRST TITAN CORP (OTC:FTTN). We wrote about them a couple of weeks ago when they were promoted by none other than Stock Mister and sure enough, they have lost about 30% of the price, but that’s not the most important thing. ASCC and FTTN show the exact same business address (495 Grand Blvd. Suite 206 Miramar Beach, FL 32550), and both companies have not changed it for a while, although throughout their existence they had different officers. Coincidence? We believe not.

The devil, indeed, in the details with companies like ASCC and FTTN but, whether they like it or not, people like Ms. Morrissey and Mr. Federowicz are forced to file the information you see above publicly. It’s up to you to do your extensive research and be extremely cautious.

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