Cloud Security Corp. (OTCBB:CLDS) Regaings Some of Its Value

7CLDS_chart.pngAfter the dreadful start of the week Cloud Security Corp. (OTCBB:CLDS) finally managed to register a session in the green. The gain, however, wasn’t enough to make up for the whole loss CLDS recorded recently and covered only the previous session.

The reason for the gain may be attributed to CLDS being mentioned in a review made by Small Cap Specialists LLC (OtcbbJournal). It was about several nutraceutical companies like CleanPath Resources Corp. (OTCMKTS:CLNP) and F3 Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:FTCH) for an unknown reason and the promoters mentioned that there was no compensation, so we reckon that it’s an attempt to wash their hands from previous failed pump campaigns.

The session went more quietly than the previous ones, but the amount of traded shares was above the ticker’s average again. There weren’t any signs of a huge dumping apart from the peak in volume recorded in the beginning of the session.

343LOGO.pngThe total gain in value that BMSN recorded was 12.50%, enough to cover the previous day’s loss. The session went on without any big jumps or drops in price and the ticker closed with a price of $0.54 per share, on a decent amount of traded shares.

The shares that had switched hands in the end of the session were estimated at 503 thousand, or about twice the stock’s average. The total trade value that was generated in the trade session came at $261 thousand.

Today’s session didn’ start promising, as BMSN are taking a small step down, currently priced at $0.53. A case in which BMSN will recover is when the people dumping shares make their profit and the volumes return to normal.

In any case CLDS is a risky stock, because the company hasn’t had any revenue yet and it’s questionable if it will ever do so. This is why we would advise you to proceed with caution and do your due diligence

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