DoMark International Inc (OTCMKTS:DOMK) and PennyStock Tweets Get Investors Excited Once Again

5DOMK.pngBefore we comment on the current promotional campaign, let’s take a quick look at what happened the last time DoMark International Inc (OTCMKTS:DOMK) got pumped. We thought that the newsletters had forgotten about them until we started receiving some emails about DOMK around April 23. It was relatively slow off the mark, but the pump did give the price a nudge in the right direction and on the day after the first email, the ticker gained as much as 32%. Soon after that, however, it started its descend. It was not as spectacular as what we’re used to, but DOMK still dropped from the $0.13 high of the pump to $0.075 in a matter of around five trading sessions.

Soon after, the excitement subsided and while we did receive the odd email from small-scale pumpers every week or so, they had very little effect on the stock pushing the ticker only on short-lived runs and seeing it fall down as soon as the mailing activity dies down.

Yesterday, however, things were a little bit different. We received just two emails from PennyStock Tweets who pocketed $9,000 in compensation from Quality Stocks but despite the relatively small magnitude, the ticker made an impressive run finishing the session at $0.114 or around 54% above their previous close. The excitement was also fueled by a new press release that DOMK issued just minutes before the start of the opening bell in which they explained that they are entering the $2.3 billion dollar market for iPad accessories. While the headline states that they are developing a brand new product, when you read through the press release, you will see that they are actually planning on adapting their game-changing IR solar charger for Apple’s iPad. Basically, they’re going to make it bigger.

Still, this could be another source of potential revenue for DOMK so the excitement that the press release caused around investors is somewhat understandable. And if the previous announcements are to be believed, the bigger charger is not going to be the only thing that will bring DOMK additional proceeds. They recently said that they have acquired a stake in a company called Imagic Ltd. The total cost quoted in the press release is $580 thousand in addition to some shares of common stock (no disclosure as to how many of them) and you really have to ask yourself: “How did they manage to find the cash?”. In case you don’t remember, here’s a summary of the most important financials as of February 28:

  • cash: $5,418
  • current assets: $75 thousand
  • current liabilities: $819 thousand
  • quarterly revenue: $1,396
  • quarterly net loss: $5.7 million

Of course, these figures will probably change when the solar chargers hit the shelves in August, but even then, the huge amount of liabilities will definitely be something to keep shareholders awake at night.

On a more positive note, they did say that they’ve canceled some shares at the beginning of the month, but unfortunately, that hasn’t really changed the way the ticker behaves under the promotional pressure as we already noted at the beginning of the article. In fact, when you take a step back at look at the ticker’s overall performance since the first promotional email 5BOPT.pngabout DOMK, you will see that they have lost around 80% in just over eight months and that, you would agree seems like quite a lot.

Until yesterday, we haven’t seen PennyStock Tweets take part in any of the pumps on DOMK but that doesn’t mean that they are a reliable source of financial advice. When you check out their track record, you will see that they have pumped companies like Eco Trade Corp (OTCMKTS:BOPT) and Gold 7GLDN.pngDynamics Corp. (OTCBB:GLDN) in the past. The results of these promotions are pretty clearly visible from the charts on the right.

Will the current pump have the same effect on DOMK? We’ll probably find out in the days to come. One thing is absolutely certain – you should have in mind the disastrous effect that the previous campaigns had on the ticker before investing any money in it.

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