EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) Slowly Climbs Up The Chart

Last month the stock of EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) became the target of a widespread pump campaign. The ticker was being touted by a landing page but more importantly a hard mailer brochure by Charles Moskowitz was put into circulation. The artificial hype pushed EMSF to the unrealistic highs of over $2.4 per share. In our articles we warned you to be extremely careful when approaching the ticker and with a good reason – in the aftermath of the promotion EMSF wiped all of its gains in a matter of days dropping down to its pre-pump price ranges.

Recently, however, it seems that investors are slowly returning to the ticker and as a result EMSF has been making a steady recovery. Out of the last seven sessions only one has ended in the red. After yesterday’s session the stock currently sits at $1.27 per share. Is the uptrend going to continue though?

Even without the risks associated with the pump, although the landing page is still active, EMSF remains an extremely dangerous pick. At the moment the company has a market cap of nearly $36 million. We will leave it up to you to decide whether such valuations are justified or not when according to the annual report filed yesterday EMSF‘s financials look like this:

• $168 cash
• $7148 total current assets
• $18,278 total liabilities
• $264 thousand gross sales
• $43,380 net income

There is one more thing – a significant portion of EMSF’s 28.3 million outstanding shares consists of extremely underpriced free-trading shares. A few years ago a group of investors bought 3,650,000 shares for just $36,500. As a result of the 5-for-1 forward split performed last December those people now owned over 18 million shares with a split-adjusted price of $0.002. Undoubtedly a portion of that amount was unloaded on the market during the paid promotion but the people who own the shares could continue to reap massive profits even at the current market price. 

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