EQ Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:EQLB) Updates its Website

EQ Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:EQLB) was first brought back to life last month when the ticker exited the triple-zero levels thanks to a couple of press releases. The first one told us that a partnership has been struck between the small OTC company and the Grammy-winning producer Timbaland. The second one informed us about direct sales channels which EQLB hopes to set up with the help of LiveWell Water LLC.

The optimism from the news was so huge that it pushed the ticker to nearly $0.005 per share for the first time in a while. As it often happens with sub-penny OTC stocks, however, the run turned out to be rather short lived. The enthusiasm dissipated quite quickly and the volumes dried up. The ticker retraced some of the gains, though unlike many of its OTC counterparts, it did manage to avoid a drop back in triple-zero land.

Right now, the triple-zeros seem further away than ever. EQLB logged a couple of pretty exciting sessions at the end of last week and thanks to them, it’s now sitting at a hair over $0.007 per share. The volumes, while not as big as the ones logged a month ago, are also picking up and the message boards and social networks are pretty active.

It all seems to be due to EQLB‘s revamped website which, you can see for yourself, now features Timbaland on the home page. The gains show that people are getting pretty fired up again, but does the website’s new look really changes that many things?

Well, few people doubted in the truthfulness of the deal between Timbaland and EQLB, but the fact that he is now on the company website should convince even the biggest skeptics. The endorsement itself should give revenues a boost and the music producer’s posts around the social networks suggest that he has taken it relatively seriously.

Unfortunately, the real effects won’t be revealed until at least a month from now (when the Q3 report should be out) and that could be an awfully long time in Pennyland. Especially when you consider the fact that there are a few issues the deal with Timbaland won’t be able to fix.

As we mentioned in our articles from about a month ago, the balance sheet was in a pretty sorry state at the end of June and we’ve no way of knowing whether it has been improved in any way over the last few months.

The report reveals a few more interesting facts. A press release from January, for example, claimed that EQLB is in negotiations for the distribution of 500,000 cans of Last Shot internationally. According to the financial statements, however, virtually no revenues have been generated during Q1 when the supposed negotiations were taking place while Q2 sales came from “obsolete inventory”, whatever that means.

Once again, the future report should tell us whether the deal with Timbaland has changed any of that. One thing that the famous music producer won’t be able to help with, however, is the dilution that the company went through and the fact that during the first six months of 2015 EQLB sold a grand total of 46 million shares at $0.0013 apiece. Unfortunately, these factors could have a rather negative effect on the stock performance.

About half an hour after today’s opening bell, EQLB is sitting at $0.0065 (about 8% in the red).

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