Exlites Holdings Int (OTCMKTS:EXHI) Drops Hard on Promotional Campaign

EXHI_chart.pngAfter an incredible performance in Monday, volume-wise for Exlites Holdings Int (OTCMKTS:EXHI) with little movement in price the stock crashed through the charts yesterday, despite the fresh pump that landed around 50 emails in our inboxes in just 2 days.

Even though EXHI were vigorously pumped by outlets of all shapes and sizes that didn’t help their stock in yesterday’s trade session. It seems that more people have looked in more detail and have done their research which in term led to the lowered volumes, compared to Monday and a rapid decline in price.

The session started with a massive dumping fiasco which brough the price down literally in minutes. The fact that trading slowed down didn’t help much and the highest price for the day remained the $0.0789 that EXHI opened with.

497LOGO.pngThe stock dipped as low as $0.0275, but it managed to close $0.03, which was a hefty 61% loss in value. The volume of traded stock couldn’t compare to the 20 million traded shares on Monday. The total amount of shares that had switched hands in the end of the day came at 7.4 million and contributed for the $320 thousand in trade value, which was rather small when you look at the $2.2 million from the previous day.

Not to mention the very suspicious (that’s putting it mildly) claims in the promotional emails that came in stating that EXHI have been providing “quality medical equipment and supplies for many years” of which we couldn’t find any solid evidence whatsoever.

Also as we mentioned in our previous article about EXHI the fact that their website was set up about two and a half months ago adds to our suspicions of the claims from the promotional emails that the company has been trading “for many years”. Not to mention their “quality medical equipment and supplies ” turned out to be diapers, sting-free wipes, male external catheters and sterile gauze sponges. And from all that  assortment they have only one variation so if you want to get a diaper from them you have no the choice than Cuties. That explains why they have $0 listed as revenue in their latest report.

9TGWI_chart.pngNot to mention the fact that EXHI‘s CEO, Claire Singleton is also in charge of Tenguy World Intl (OTCMKTS:TGWI), whose long term chart looks horrible and it seems like this woman has a talent for ruining stocks with promotional campaigns for the insiders’ profit.

Taking a look at more serious companies we can’t fail to mention Affymax, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AFFY) who aren’t moving that much in percentages lately, but are still traded in large daily trade values. Yesterday they gained 4.55% and closed the day at $1.61 per share and a total trade value of $929 thousand.

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