Goff Corp. (OTC:GOFF) Hit a New Low

GOFF_Chart.pngThe attempts of Goff Corp (OTC:GOFF) and Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) to convince people that GOFF is a solid investment are failing. We’ve gone over some of the reasons in previous articles.

Last Friday GOFF took a 13.41% dive and hit a new low at $0.239 per share. The volume almost reached 19 million shares.


About 11 a.m., GOFF issued yet another press release. The company claimed it was “evaluating plans to establish gold production on its Gavia Gold Project…”

About the same time, APS sent an email about GOFF. The pumpers went on about the “massive short squeeze” which didn’t happen. The banner on their homepage still says GOFF is their monster pick, so they will likely continue to tout it for the time being.

There was no mention of how the company plans to fund anything, nor is there a filing or even a press release to account for the supposed acquisition of the Gavia project. The market wasn’t impressed and the price actually went further down after the press release.

Their previous mining pick – Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTC:SWVI) is still more than 90% down from it’s $1 pump high. Skipping the due diligence on any pumped stock can lead to serious losses.

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