Great American Energy, Inc. (OTC:SRBL) Burnt by Selling

The Great American Energy, Inc. (OTC:SRBL) promotion is done for the moment, ending right where it started, but not before destroying more than 21% of investments in a single trading day. The stock that had zero volumes for months burst on the radar after a far-reaching emailed promotional campaign that sent it nearly 30% up, to $1.30. But the good times ended with the last email on February 21st, and the fastest investors sold all they could for profit. SRBL0222.png

Financially, SRBL is a non-impressive company, hoping to start mining soon. Those promises lifted the stocks in the first days of the pump, but but may not last too long. With a price of $1, SRBL is a moderately-priced penny stock that may have a long way to fall. Fundamentally, the company holds the following assets and liabilities: EXMT0222.png

  • $5,904 cash
  • $58,576 current liabilities
  • Zero revenues
  • $167,177 net loss

The $20,000 campaign comes from Club Penny Stocks, with lesser pumpers paid or free adding to the noise around this ticker. We are yet to see if new emails will cause buying at the end of the week and create an upward trend, or the selling will continue.

So far, Club Penny Stocks has not taken up new tickers to promote, though Surf Up Stocks seems to have exhausted its $8,100 budget and moved on to SMTP.Inc. (OTC:SMTP). sent out its last email on February 19th. The biggest promises of SRBL include preliminary mining research starting in earnest in 2013, plus the fact that the company aims to become a part of a very active and lucrative market, that for lithium an rare earth metals. However, the bad financial position of the company may prevent it from real marketing success in a foreseeable future.

Pumped stocks usually switch direction abruptly, sometimes right on the next day, sometimes lingering for a while beyond everyone’s expectations. But for a stock such as SRBL, coming out of nowhere, the end will probably be sad. This thing happened to the last pick of StockBlaster, Exchange Mobile Communications, Corp. (OTC:EXMT). The stock activated significantly on the January pump, but went on to lose 50% of its value in a month.

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