Green Innovations Ltd. (OTC:GNIN) Keeps the PR Mill Running

Another day – another press release from Green Innovations Ltd. (OTC:GNIN). The company hasn’t let a trading day go by without issuing an announcement.

29GNIN_chart.pngIn the one from today, the company says it has negotiated preferential rates for shipping, reducing the cost of transporting to North America by up to 40%.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping the public apprised, of course. However, GNIN has a paid pump campaign going, which got the price inflated to more than $3 per share and then crashed. In such a situation it may be a good idea to issue press releases which contain more concrete information.

Getting up to 40% off of any expense is a good thing. However, in this case there isn’t enough information to get an idea what would that actually mean for the company and its shareholders.

GNIN has proven it has generated some revenues, but the retail shareholders don’t have an idea how much all revenues might be. There is also no way for the public to know the profit margins, net loss or profit, or operational expenses for that matter.

So far today, GNIN is trading around yesterday’s close at $1.82. The company’s effort to regain credibility after the crash has had remarkable success, but the pump is still going strong, and expectations are building up. A failure to meet those expectations could be catastrophic.

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