Grilled Cheese Truck Inc. (OTCMKTS:GRLD) Jumped, But Will It Remain Up?

Grilled Cheese Truck Inc. (OTCMKTS:GRLD) added 11.73% to its market value on Friday, in what has become one of its most active trading sessions in months.

More than 714 thousand shares of GRLD common stock changed hands that da7 – which is an excellent achievement for a ticker that was nearly untraded up until a couple of days ago. However, one look at the charts yields a grim realization.

While the day started out on the positive note and the ticker was pushed ever up until the very last moments, the last spikes of yesterday’s activity were sudden bursts of selling that took GRLD much lower than it was before they occurred.

Could that stumble have been caused by the company’s noteholders, who finally decided to jump in and cash in on the action? That would certainly be an opportune moment for them to do so – after all, who knows how much longer can GRLD remain liquid?

In light of this possibility, investors should be extremely careful when dealing with GRLD. All due diligence shows that its results to date are mediocre to say the least. Add this to the high risk of dilution and the danger of it becoming illiquid once more before too long, and the overall picture becomes quite grim indeed.

Our advice – investors should think real long and hard before trying to make money out of this one.

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