How High Can High Performance (OTCMKTS:TBEV) Rise?

High Performance (OTCMKTS:TBEV) added another 21.43% to its market value on Friday, after one of the most volatile sessions it has experienced to date.

Within minutes of the opening bell the ticker was already climbing the charts, and a few jumps later TBEV actually looked ready to break out once more. The trading volume was good, and the ticker had already reached the $0.025 mark before a wave of selling slammed it right back to the ground around 2:30 PM. It wasn’t until the end of the session before final fw minutes that investors were stirred into motion once more, allowing the ticker to recover somewhat – but how long will said recovery last?

Investors are encouraged to compare TBEV‘s monthly charts to Friday’s daily chart. Even without going into deep technical analysis, a pattern seems to emerge, if one knows what to look for. Put quite simply – every time the ticker rises beyond a certain level, a wave of selling smacks it right back down to the bottom of the charts.

That might just be investors that bought the dip taking profit. Or it may be that $1.1 million worth of debt that was converted into stock at prices of $0.005 getting dumped on the market. Or it could just be disappointed investors trying to get out while TBEV‘s at the top. There is really no way to be sure what is happening – only that, so far, sooner or later, every peak was followed by a sudden and ugly crash.

Investors should really keep that in mind when making up their minds about TBEV.

Another detail that also warrants the investors’ attention is the fact that TBEV announced that they will “have the product (High Performance Sport Beverage) out for shipping to our warehouse this Friday”. If they manage to pull that off, they may be able to get back into the investor’s good graces – the market seems to already be reacting positively to yesterday’s announcement. But how ling will that last?

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