HPC Pos Systems Corp. (OTCMKTS:HPCS) Peaks After Penny Stock Dream Email

The recent peaking trend of HPC Pos Systems Corp. (OTCMKTS:HPCS) is either an opportunity to move in, or a grim warning sign that the party may soon be over. On Monday, HPCS grew by just 13%, to reach $0.0499, as growth slowed down. Buying volumes were also a faction of last week’s peak, reaching just $797,000. Early on Tuesday, the company released a new message stating it would retire 12.5 billion shares, to improve its share base and hopefully make itself more attractive for investors. HPCS1102.png

We have not visited HPCS since 2012, when it briefly had a spell of increased trading activity. Otherwise, in the past years the ticker drifted downward, from respectable levels toward sub-penny positions, and was only saved from the rock bottom by a 900-for-one reverse split. Since the split, HPCS continued for a few months on extremely small volumes, at least until it managed to find a crack and slip into the cannabis industry. MCIG1102.png

Penny Stock Dream took up HPCS at the beginning of the month, with a clear effect on the volumes just on the day of the emailed promotion. On that same day, HPCS officially announced it would join efforts to bring yet another brand of electronic cigarettes to be used as vaporizers for cannabis use. HPCS plans to create a special holding company to cover most of the bases for marijuana sales- from edibles to cosmetics, and a specialized software platform. The name of the new company would be Cannabis Health Group.

HPCS is ready with the Cool Breez e-cigarettes, which can easily be appropriated for the new use. But there is a question of when the company would manage to roll out any other products. With all of this, HPCS goes into the wild competition of dozens of similar companies, and into the even wilder competition of the OTC markets, where novelty and prominence trump very often the underlying qualities of a business.

In the e-cigarette sector at least, HPCS has viable alternatives, such as mCig, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MCIG). This stock is climbing with a slower pace, though it still manages to hang onto its gains without significant crashes. MCIG currently stands around 35 cents, doubling since the beginning of the year, but still far from the one-off gains of more dramatic selections.

Also a close option is Vapor Brands Int’l, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPR), which, however, is backtracking toward 26 cents after a steeper climb. VAPR also works on an innovative way of e-cig delivery of medical or recreational cannabis products.

IHPCS is attractive for its low price, and while no price is protected from sudden volatility, at a few cents the risks are higher. It is best to avoid investing unaffordable sums at the current peak of the trend.

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