ImmuDyne, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IMMD) Continues to Pick Momentum

IMMDchart.pngAfter Immudyne, Inc (OTCMKTS:IMMD) made their 15-month plan for growth public on April 18 they have been on a constant climb up the stock chart. Well, they may have suffered one or two hiccups but in the end the stock is still going strong. Yesterday they closed at $0.39, a 20% increase compared to the end of the previous session.

The company is developing products that help people strengthen their immune system and increase their overall wellness. In contrast to many other pennystock medical companies IMMD have been granted numerous patents for their products and have applied for 3 new patents in 2013. Even though we must admit that their projected $18 million in sales by the third quarter of 2014 seem a little bit overly hopeful.
Their financial situation is no too shabby either. Just two days ago they filed the quarterly report for the period ending March 31 which contained the following results:
  • $38 thousand cash
  • $221 thousand total current assets
  • $244 total liabilities 
  • $230 thousand sales
  • $41 thousand net loss
Of significant importance for investors should be the fact that the company hasn’t issued any new shares for the three months covered in the report. IMMD would have had a positive bottom line if they didn’t hire a Chief Marketing Officer but that is hardly a negative decision.
2SOLXchart.pngWhat is undoubtedly a negative though is the promotional campaign run by Penny Stock Prophet and its affiliates. For two days they have been sending out alert emails without receiving any compensation for the effort. That wasn’t the case back in late March when they were paid $30 thousand to praise Solar America Corporation (OTCBB:SOLX). Since then and after suffering trough another pump the ticker has plummeted towards the bottom.
On first glance IMMD are a solid company with real business plan. But the ongoing promotion demands from any trader to do his own due diligence before investing in the company.

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