KALAHARI GREENTECH (PINK:KHGT) Getting the Pump Treatment Once Again

7KHGT.pngBio technology, renewable energy, gold, silver, social media and now… honey. It’s been an epic journey for KALAHARI GREENTECH (PINK:KHGT) and the search for a lucrative business continues. But have they finally found the products that will turn them into a successful company?

Well, KHGT are extremely happy with a letter of intent that they have signed. So happy, in fact, that they issued a press-release in which they explain what it’s about – they will be acquiring a company called Honeymark International, a seller and importer of miraculously healthy honey produced in New Zealand. That said, back in December 2012, they were also quite excited about the acquisition of 15% of the assets and some licenses of a company called Puppy Power, Inc, owner of a social media website. A few months further back in time, and you will see that they had a subsidiary that was trading with gold and silver. Now though, everything suggests that both these ideas have been ditched in favor of the honey venture and a few promotional newsletters are on hand to keep the excitement alive.

While KHGT have been struggling to find the business sector that they’re looking for, the losses have been mounting and probably this is why it took them around four months to compile their annual report for the year that ended on September 30, 2012. The prolonged period, however, didn’t help them find any confidence-inspiring figures. In fact, the financial statement looks rather horrible. Here’s what we mean:

  • current assets: $8,304 in cash
  • current liabilities: $92 thousand
  • revenues: $697 thousand
  • net loss: $247 thousand
  • accumulated deficit: over $6.3 million

And while the report was published on January 22, it still talks about yet another business in which KHGT failed. That one involved a website, through which they conducted some sort of “unique” internet marketing. Needless to say, the website in 2CWNM.pngquestion is not accessible at the moment.

In addition to the rather outdated information relating to their operations, the report was also apparently compiled by the previous CEO of the company, Mr. Eric Maestre. While the change in the management team is not reflected anywhere in the official filings, according to the latest press-releases, the person now in charge of KHGT is called David Kugelman.

7TRLI.pngWe did a quick research on him and we found that he is the owner of Atlanta Capital Partners LLC, the firm that deals with KHGT‘s investment relations. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is also the publisher of a website called OTC Stock Review. We took a quick look through the website and we found that they regularly publish reports on penny stock companies in which they explain that the potential profit from them is huge. As you might have guessed, they don’t do it for free and in their disclaimer they admit that they have received YFRM.pngsome tasty compensations for the coverage of companies like YaFarm Technologies, Inc. (PINK:YFRM), Crown Marketing (PINK:CWNM) and Truli media Group Inc (PINK:TRLI). OTC Stock Review’s reports on these ventures were published while there was also newsletter promo campaigns running for them. We covered all of them and the charts on the right reveal the disastrous consequences of the pumps.

And since we mentioned promotions, we can’t ignore the fact that, according to our database, at least, this is the third pump for KHGT. The previous two took place in February 2011 and in December 2012. A quick look at KHGT‘s chart shows how horribly wrong it all ended for the people who trusted the emails and press-releases.

That is why, while there might be a room for some profit, the risks are quite high and they should be carefully considered before making any quick decisions.

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