Lot 78, Inc. (OTC:LOTE) Keeps Levels Up with PR Reminders

Although the activity around Lot 78, Inc. (OTC:LOTE) has calmed down, the stock is still inching upward, adding a small amount each day to end at $1.86. The ticker was last promoted in the middle of March, but LOTE is keeping up the heat with regular mentions in press releases. As usual, the London-based fashion company boasts of selling its products through yet another online shop. LOTE0417.png

Blue 1 is another high-end online clothes retailer, which relies on aggregating offers from various designers. Participating in such a collected front page is not an unusual feat in 2013, when a lot of sites aggregate offers, wrap them up in a glitzy design and wait for customers to whip out their credit card. We still don’t know what sales LOTE has achieved, but its vehicle company on the OTC markets had modest reserves: EMBK0417.png

  • Zero revenues
  • $38,000 net loss
  • Zero cash, $1,000 “goodwill” assets
  • $84,000 total liabilities

In another piece of news from the last few days, LOTE added another adviser to its board, and should be now equipped with a dream team of fashion experts. Clive Darby, the founder of a fashion website, has almost three decades of fashion experience, the press release states. The provocative brand, RAKE, is also London-based, and seems aligned with LOTE‘s offer of urban casual clothes with an edge.

But how all of this fashion inspiration will affect LOTE, it is still unknown. We have to wait and see if any significant sales would materialize, if Lot 78 can sell enough $100 T-shirts to boost its records. While the company shows long-term potential and a dedication to a well-defined product line, this may not be timely enough and we may expect the stock to move based on the interest and mood of investors.

The pumper for LOTE, 007 Stock Chat, has moved on to other selections. Its newest choice is Embark Holdings, Inc. (PINK:EMBK), a company that previously traded sporadically, and went up in buying volume in the past few days, even in advance of the promotional email. The ticker trades around 6 cents.

Currently, the growth potential of LOTE is diminishing, and the rising trend is flattening out. You will need to be aware of corrections becoming more and more probable, especially if the company forgets to refresh its image with new press releases.

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