Lot 78, Inc. (OTC:LOTE) Powers On, Promises Higher Sales

Lot 78, Inc. (OTC:LOTE) won’t tire out, this time adding more than 19% to $2.74. The fashion company is regular with its press releases, keeping up the heat that was sparked with a paid promotion at the beginning of March. The London-based fashion company is mostly sending away updates on its online sales, the last one stating that the brand sold 80% more items from its central website. In the past days, LOTE mentioned several other web aggregators that offer its high-end urban clothing. LOTE0423.png

In the past months, the brand is expanding its exposure, in the two most important ways a brand could make it: being carried by leading retailer Harrod’s, and appearing in Elle and other leading fashion headlines. Surprisingly, the reviews for LOTE were written by real Elle magazine staff writers, unlike the reviews of other penny stock companies, which use the blogging platforms of large magazines or other ways to post favorable opinions. OTOW0423.png

The contributions of Lot 78 are still not mentioned in the filings of the US-based OTC company, which shows very modest reserves, inherited from the vehicle company, Bold Energy, Inc.:

  • Zero revenues
  • $38,000 net loss
  • Zero cash, $1,000 “goodwill” assets
  • $84,000 total liabilities

Still, the brand, most famous for its leather jackets, has a long history, and the CEO, Ollie Amhurst, made it into fashion by working his way up the hierarchy at Armani. So, while logically LOTE could take the route of many overpriced tickers and slide down, it’s holding fast and its promises may start to deliver results. Still, at $2.74, the stock is ripe for profit-taking, and may backtrack a little.

One of the pumpers for LOTE was Penny Dreamers, which since the middle of March picked several other tickers, with different degrees of success. One of the previous picks, O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. (OTC:OTOW) spiked to 10 cents around March 21st, on high volumes, but went on to shed 75% of its value. While LOTE may be more capable of preserving your investments, it is best to invest only sums you can easily afford to lose.

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