Nutranomics, Inc. f/k/a Buka Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB:NNRX) Takes a Step Back

5NNRX_chart.pngAfter 6 sessions in the green, Nutranomics, Inc. f/k/a Buka Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB:NNRX) stumbled. Yesterday it closed down 11.11% at $0.56 per share. The volume was also lower than Monday’s, reaching a little over 1.29 million shares.

In my previous article on NNRX, I mentioned that it wasn’t clear how long the second run would last, or how high the price can go. Green Innovations Ltd. (OTCBB:GNIN) and iTalk, Inc. (OTCBB:TALK) were the previous pumps of ECA Group, which is now being paid to tout NNRX.

According to their own disclosure page, so far the pumpers have received $275 thousand and expect to receive another $60 thousand this Friday. When someone is spending about as much as a company’s assets to pump it, traders may want to be careful. The latest available number for the total current assets of NNRX is a little over $450 thousand.

There is still a chance NNRX may resume moving upward. The pullback may have something to do with the company not releasing a press release to feed the hype yesterday, and the pumpers not sending emails.

GNIN and TALK also got second runs after their initial crashes, although in the case of TALK it was more a two-day surge than a run. Ultimately both the stocks lost most of their value, and only time will tell whether NNRX is already at that the beginning of that stage.

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