NVidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) Rumored to Prepare a Double-Decker GTX 980

NVidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) may be preparing to launch a new version of its premium consumer-grade GPU – the Geforce GTX 980. According to a source cited by WCCF Tech, NVDA is likely planning to launch the new model in November.

The new variant of the GTX 980 is said to allegedly have a whopping 8 GB of video memory. This is a twofold increase from the regular model and is supposedly an effort on part of NVDA to make a move in 4K high-detail gaming. With certain modern PC games having ludicrous system requirements and listing top-shelf hardware as their recommended options, there will certainly be a market for such hardware.

On the other hand, 4K seems to be getting increasingly more popular with people playing games on their PC. As WCCF outlines, a single 4 GB GTX 980 will probably be enough for the more casual customer but 4K enthusiasts will find a lot to like about the larger addressable video memory, which can get clogged really quick in 4K setups.

The little cousin of the flagship 980 – the GTX 960 – is slated to hit store shelves in Q1 of next year and will be the solution for those who want to upgrade to but are working on a budget.

NVidia took a blow together with the broader market in early October, sliding to under $17 per share but now, once again following the market, it picked up and is trying to recover. Whether the new product lineup will have a significant impact on the company’s share price remains to be seen.

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