Penny Stock Empire Fails to Lift Up Auctions Inc (PINK:AUCI)

7AUCI_chart.pngShortly after a promotional group led by Market 365 launched a new promotional assault on Auctions Intl Inc (PINK:AUCI) on April 1, a promoter known as Penny Stock Empire followed suit yesterday as they got a hefty $15,000 to raise the hype about AUCI. Which promoter did better in the end, though?

Needless to say, Market365 fared much better. Using its network of promoters including The FatCatPennyStocks, The EliteOTC Team, ExplosiveOTC and OTCEquity, Market365 gave AUCI stock a boost, providing a maximal profit opportunity of 44% for everyone who managed to buy at the open ($0.0009) and sell at the daily high ($0.0013). The Penny Stock Empire (PSE), on the other hand, did nothing for the people who paid them in the first place as it created zero profit opportunities.

AUCI_logo.jpgPSE’s failure to boost the price of AUCI shares hardly comes as a surprise to the supporters of Foy Johnston Inc (PINK:FOYJ). When PSE got $15,000 to ramp up the market value of FOYJ shares on March 13, the latter remained stuck at $0.0005 per share, only to lose a whopping 40% on the following day. Mind you, however, that FOYJ is also a tripple-zero stock, just like AUCI.
If you look at PSE’s headquarters (see accompanying pcture), you will hardly take these guys seriously.

PSE_command_center.jpgNow let’s see what AUCI has got to offer us. As it is, the company is mainly focused on developing a technology allowing for virtual auctions over the internet. This strategy might not have worked out well since the company has now decided to implement its auctions on TV instead. This lies at the root of AUCI‘s recent merger with Rangemore Productions Corp., a movie production company. Whether this transaction will bear any fruit is yet to be seen.

At present, AUCI is being run by an interim management team comprised by CEO Andrew Mclaughlin, Treasurer Richard Smith and former CEO (and present Director) Douglas Mann. Mclaughlin is also associated with two other Florida-based business entities, namely: Conspectus Consultancy Corp. (an IR firm) and Urban Tantra Fl, Inc. (a cemetery subdivider/developer).

No matter how long Mclaughlin will serve as AUCI‘s transitional CEO, his role in getting the company in the black will be crucial for a potential chart expansion, because, as you have already figured out, paid pumps will hardly do AUCI any good in the future.

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