Pervasip Corp (OTCMKTS:PVSP) With Another Serious Drop

It all started a little over a month and a half ago. Pervasip Corp (OTCMKTS:PVSP) announced that they have acquired a company called Canalytix LLC and people immediately got interested. The reason for all the enthusiasm lay with the fact that Canalytix wants to provide various services to indoor growers. As you can see from the name, the focus will be placed on marijuana producers which is why investors started treating PVSP as a pot stock.

And, as you probably know, every self-respecting pot stock must surge to unimaginable heights at one point or another in its life. Sure enough, PVSP exited the triple-zero range it had occupied for so long and during the second half of April, it even found itself flirting with the $0.003 per share mark. As you also know, however, pot stocks tend to burn overly optimistic investors quite badly. On April 27, PVSP stalled and, apart from the odd bounce, it’s been slipping ever since. Yesterday, it took a serious 23% hit and it stopped at $0.001 per share. Time to take a look at the reasons for the rather dismal performance.

Things didn’t look very good from the very beginning. PVSP were talking about how bright the future is when they completed Canalytix’s acquisition, but they somehow failed to say if their new subsidiary generates any revenues. Canalytix’s own website isn’t terribly informative. It’s just a page with a newsletter subscription form.

And while PVSP find the time to publish optimistic press releases on a regular basis, they seem to be too busy to file their own financial reports. The 10-K for the period ended November 31, 2014 was supposed to come out at the end of February, but it didn’t see the light of day until May 1, and we still don’t have the statement for the quarter ended February 28 which means that the company profile at the OTC Markets now bears a Limited Information sign. As you might have calculated already, the latest set of figures are now more than six months old and they look like this:

  • cash: $1,832
  • total assets: $1,052,288
  • current liabilities: $10,453,080
  • yearly revenues: $491,319
  • yearly net loss: $458,798

$1,040,000 (or about 98.8%) of the total assets are labeled “restricted securities” and they appear to consist of 40 million shares of Valuesetters Inc (OTCMKTS:VSTR) common stock. At yesterday’s close, these shares have a market value of $112 thousand. The annual revenues have been shrinking for a while now, but at 46%, the decrease in 2014 was the most severe we’ve seen so far.

The humongous amount of debt, however, is the biggest problem and the fact that a vast portion of it is convertible into common stock is putting quite a lot of pressure on the ticker. During the twelve months covered by the annual report, for example, PVSP issued 390 million shares at $0.0007 a pop in order to satisfy some notes. The management team were kind enough to tell us that between December 1, 2014 and April 24, 2015, they printed a further 2.1 billion shares as a conversion of debt, but sadly, they decided not to disclose the conversion rate.

The convertible debt is, apparently, far from over and the management team have decided that it’s finally time to act. In a press release from last week, they told us that some more shares will be issued over the coming months, but they also said that Flux Carbon Corporation (who own 1 billion PVSP shares) have agreed to absorb the impact. Basically, this means that the O/S count will remain unchanged while more debt is being converted. Sounds good, but most of the convertible notes can be turned into stock at a discount which means that while the O/S count won’t be touched, the number of cheap shares hitting the open market might increase. And that doesn’t sound so good.

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