Pharmacyte Biotech Inc. (OTCMKTS:PMCB) Loses Ground Again

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Pharmacyte Biotech Inc. (OTCMKTS:PMCB) took a serious step down when it became clear that it will delay its much anticipated 10-K report – and yesterday it lost all the ground it had managed to regain after that point in time.

True enough, said gains were only made possible by the issuance of a rather vague and uninformative press release, full of optimistic generalizations and little of actual substance – so a step back was, all but inevitable once the initial positive reaction of the market passed. So what will happen now?

Well, if the company’s announcements are to be believed, it is making real progress with respect to its goals of rolling out an actual marketable product. However, investors really need to keep in mind that PMCB is still in the testing stage, and even if it is moving forward, commercialization of its technology is still a long way away.

This suggests that PMCB may need some more funding in order to continue its operations. Whether or not that is the case will become obvious when it finally files its upcoming 10-K – but investors would do well to brace themselves for something among those lines.

So in the end, everything hands on the numbers in said report. Investors eyeing PMCB would do well to keep an ear close to the ground, because the information it will reveal will most likely dictate the ticker’s path on the charts. If it turns out that the company has managed to minimize its losses and hasn’t crippled its share structure, there’s a good chance that PMCB could rise once more.

On the flip side, if it has burned through its cash and strained its investor value through share issuance, a plummet is the most likely outcome of the situation.

The way things currently are, what the report shows could take the ticker in two wildly different directions – and at this point in time, one is exaclty as likely as the other. This is why investing in PMCB at the present moment is nothing but a blind gamble, and investors should regard it as nothing but that.

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