Preferred Penny Stocks Pump of Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PBCW) Stops

0PBCW_chart.pngPub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PBCW) closed a fraction of a cent up in Friday’s trading, at $0.157 per share. The stock managed to land a spot among the top 10 most heavily traded OTC stocks, despite the rapidly declining interest compared to previous sessions.

Pumpers Preferred Penny Stocks (PPS) who started touting PBCW on December 3, seem to have stopped their pump campaign or at least put it on hold, with no new emails arriving since last Thursday. PPS recently had a major hiccup with another of their picks, Solo International, Inc (OTC:SLIO), which they canceled on the same day of their original alert.

PBCW are doing their best to keep up the hype around their supposed business in the absence of the pumpers. They issued two new press releases, claiming their mobile application is meeting favorable early returns, whatever that may mean. The application itself is nowhere to be found and is not offered on any smartphone marketplace and the results announced are just publicity claims, not backed up by numbers or an official filing. Another press release touted an agreement between PBCW and a certain Invictus Solutions, under which Invictus should be managing the marketing and sales for whatever it is that PBCW is making.

Invictus is an entity which is next to impossible to find on the internet, being an offshore company, possibly located in Belize, according to the LinkedIn profile of one of their employees. Obviously Invictus is the kind of company who takes pride in its professional marketing services but also thinks it’s OK to have high school graduates with no further qualification as its sales agents.

The connections of PBCW with eyebrow-raising entities stretch further, as the company used to have Carrillo Huettel, LLP as its legal counsel. In fact, the company’s original CEO was a former Carrillo Huettel employee. Those who follow the OTC markets may remember the law firm’s involvement with many of the worst pump jobs of the year.

PBCW have posted no financial information concerning their acquisition of Mobile Dynamic Marketing (MDM). This acquisition pulled PBCW out of practically being a shell and put them on the top traded lists. However investors are still trading in the dark and have no way to know whether MDM really brought anything into the business, on top of PBCW‘s assets of $2 thousand.

PWEI_fail.pngIn closing, for those who really want to believe the promises of Preferred Penny Stocks, here is a chart with the performance of another of their fine picks – Pacwest Equities, Inc. (PINK:PWEI) – a stock that brought believers about 80% loss and which PPS are now comparing to PBCW.

Traders are advised to do their own due diligence before they put your money in yet another overvalued enterprise that invites them to trade with their eyes closed.

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