Quantum Int. Corp (OTCMKTS:QUAN) Won’t Give Up That Easily

9QUAN.pngYesterday’s article on Quantum Int. Corp (OTCMKTS:QUAN) came out just an hour after the opening bell and it reflected on the stock performance from the previous days. What happened after our coverage went online, however, is not seen every day. QUAN bounced massively gaining as much as 46% in a single trading session closing the day at $0.225 per share. This gave the tormented stockholders and traders who bought some expensive shares a reason to breathe a little easier, but is there anything to suggest that QUAN are capable of maintaining a more steady performance for the days, weeks and even months to come?

Well, the answer would have been positive if we had seen some real news coming from the company. We would have said “Yes” if there was a launch date for the amazing new iPad casing full of all sorts of gizmos. That could have also been the case if QUAN had the money to show us that they really can do it, but as we wrote in some of our previous articles, they can’t provide us with figures that would suggest any sort financial security. Here they are once again:

  • current assets: $13 thousand in cash
  • current liabilities: $1.4 million
  • no revenue
  • quarterly net loss: $281 thousand

With those financial in mind, the market cap of more than $8 million looks rather silly, but wait till you see the announcements.

3QUAN_logo.pngYesterday’s press release came out at 5AM, but what’s even more striking is the fact that QUAN managed to write a whole article without including a single piece of information that could be of any value to their shareholders. In it we read that the sales of iPads are increasing, that the next generation will be even more successful and that it will be used by all sorts of professionals, but nowhere do we see how QUAN could be affected by this having in mind that they are nowhere near ready with their product. Still, apparently it did sound pretty exciting for the inexperienced investors who pushed the trading volume up to 3.5 million shares consequently causing the massive gains.

The press release reminds us of another one that dates way back to March 2011. It was issued by a company called OBJ Enterprises, Inc. f/k/a Obscene Jeans Corp. (OTCBB:OBJE). Ironically enough, back then, OBJE was run by Mr. Robert Federowicz, the person who is currently at the helm of QUAN. If you take the time to read through OBJE‘s announcement, you will see that it sounds just as optimistic as the one QUAN published yesterday. Four months later Mr. Federowicz resigned from his position at OBJE and now, a couple of years after his stint, they have yet to generate their first revenues.

A more recent example is this press release where the same Mr. Federowicz is explaining First Titan Corp (OTCBB:FTTN)’s shareholders that they have gone through an amazing 2012 with even more growth projected for the upcoming 2013. A month later he resigned from there as well.

Does that mean that Mr. Federowicz will quit his position at QUAN in a few months? Not necessarily, but it does mean that QUAN is currently steered by a man who was once described as a “fashion visionary”, has been at the helm of a oil and gas exploration company and is set to take the world of robotics and consumer electronics by storm through a company that has only one employee and $13 thousand in the bank.

We almost forgot to mention that he is also the CEO of Aristocrat Group Corp (OTCMKTS:ASCC) (a company loved by the paid promoters) who, by the way, lost a further 6% yesterday. Mr. Federowicz is developing a new brand of vodka there.

It all seems like a bit of a joke, but we’re quite sure that the people who bought QUAN shares at $0.50 aren’t laughing and that’s why we would urge you to do a proper research before investing any money in this particular ticker.

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