Rostock Ventures Corp. (OTCMKTS:ROSV) Continues with a Neat Upward Lader

Novelty is a strong factor in the MMJ stocks boom, and now another recent arrival is nearing a peak in price. Rostock Ventures Corp. (OTCMKTS:ROSV) added more than 34% on Monday to reach $0.12, after a period of noticeable, gradual increase in buying. Dollar volumes reached more than $990,000, though the number of stocks traded did not break the records from earlier weeks. This brings ROSV to an all-time high. ROSV1103.png

The recent movement of the stock, otherwise rather inactive, is a mix of PR and an email campaign. Now, ROSV may be readying itself for another strong day, with an early announcement of an expansion of the advisory board of the company. Added to this is a still-fresh mention from PennySt0ck Spy, from March 10th. ROSV received already six mentions this month, with a total budget of $10,000. The sum of the promotion is relatively small, but given the hot topic- medical marijuana, ROSV hit the gold mine that it never could while listed as a mineral exploration company.ILIV1103.png

And neither did the Bitcoin craze at the end of last year hold such a promise- since the alternative currency has always been viewed with some skepticism. ROSV achieved much lower results back in the December mix of PR and promotion. But medical cannabis hardly fails to make a splash.

The only question is- how long the upward trend will last. ROSV looks like a lesser-quality company, with relatively low reserves, such as:

  • $8,500 cash
  • $296,000 total liabilities
  • no revenue since inception
  • $1,265 quarterly net loss

Of course, it is easier to make the switch to the so-called “marijuana market” by dealing in a very peripheral side, a website and other online services. This means ROSV would not be dealing directly with receiving a license for a dispensary, nor will it try to be a grower, or supplier of other essentials. It is usually the more direct business models that help companies survive a bit longer than the initial hype, and this describes most tickers on the Marijuana index. ROSV is none of that- it claims to have acquired, a mobile platform using maps to alert users of new offers in nearby dispensaries. 

A similar attempt was made by Intelligent Living, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ILIV), which offered a mobile app, which hardly sold, but it was enough of a link to the marijuana sector. ILIV is making small additions to its stock price, rising toward $0.0087. 

A belonging to the marijuana index is of course no guarantee for price stability, but at least it would ensure a bit more consistent interest and trading than stocks crashing out of the blue. 

Discovery Minerals, Ltd. (OTCMKTS:DSCR) was another company that switched from mining to an attempt at adopting an e-cigarette business model aimed at the use of medical cannabis. DSCR is currently still very low at $0.023, but has kept some of the gains, as it shot upward from triple-zero positions. 

If you like ROSV for its current upward drive, it is still best to do your own due diligence and decide the size and timing of investment that this newly-minted pot stock deserves.

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