RXi Pharmaceuticals, Corp. (OTC:RXII) Continues with Steep Climb

Biotechnologies continue to agitate the penny stock markets, and one of the more robust climbers in March is Rxi Pharmaceuticals, Corp. (OTC:RXII), another explorer of novel therapies using RNA to cure disease by switching on and off selected human genes. RXII0314.png

The company currently needs to bear the costs of a long development process of a cutting-edge scientific application: TTNP0314.png


  • $6.2 million cash
  • $6.7 million total assets
  • $1.4 million current liabilities
  • $57,000 revenue from grants
  • $1.6 million operating loss

The latest pickup for RXII came from Todayspickis.com, as well as Tuesday’s press release about an upcoming presentation to an industry conference. This marked the last few days with robust volumes and a nearly 50% rise, from 20 to almost 30 cents per share.

RXII is a former NASDAQ company, pushed into OTC territory by the long wait for a marker breakthrough. As such, it was briefly mentioned in a promotional campaign back in 2010 and since then has relied more on press releases.

The RNA therapies are a great potential area of new therapies and the credibility has carried over this stock in previous difficult periods. Now at all-time highs, RXII has traded between 5 and 30 cents, never sliding down to sub-penny prices. As such, RXII has the potential of a longer-term bet, although corrections of 50% are not a rare occurrence with this ticker.

A close counterpart in business model and stock movement, Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC:TTNP) is having a good time in 2013. The stock added almost a dollar to its price, getting close to $2.50, and now is steady a little below $2. Titan has already well-established revenue streams from patented therapies and is giving hope for more drugs in the pipeline. RXII is still quite far from this stage in its development.

The biotech industry has had many surprises these days, mixing companies with great potential and a track record with offers of underpriced tickers that go up only through a paid promotion and go on to lose most of their value in a few days. It is best to look closer at the company’s records and independently where to place your investment.

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