Sigma Labs, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SGLB) Still Running

26SGLB_chart.pngYesterday Sigma Labs, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SGLB) maintained their hot streak and closed even higher, stopping at $0.257 per share. The price moved another 5% up on a share volume of 13.5 million, slightly higher than that of Tuesday.

It seems the race is on for SGLB as the ticker sailed past its previous 52-week high – yesterday’s $0.24 per share. The movement is still taking place on zero news since the company’s November 18 announcement of their contract extension with Honeywell Aerospace for extended demoing of SGLB‘s PrintRite3D technology.

A bit of ruckus among traders was caused by a short piece on SGLB published on the infamous Sierra World Equity Review. This is the site that is allegedly run by a hot femame supermodel, explained to be a fictional character in the disclaimer, which also states the site offers “entertainment and fictional posts”. Equally fictional headlines from the site with wildly unfounded predictions for other OTC tickers were used in stock pumps in the past, so people keeping an eye on promoted stocks as well may have got a scare out of SGLB appearing on Sierra’s page.

Thankfully, SGLB is not the target of pumpers and is moving along on its own merits, combined with the general excitement about the potential of the 3D pringing sector. With major companies such as the aviation branch of General Electric announcing plans for massive impending expansion into additive manufacturing, trader hopes are running wild. Some consider the sector overvalued due to all the hype and with companies such as SGLB there is a certain amount of risk involved, as there have not been any major contracts yet and the company is still generating its revenues from services rendered and not product sales.

SGLB expects to commercialize its products in fiscal 2014 and that deadline was pushed back in time once, but the company is doing its best to meet it this time around. Investors are, as usual, advised to do their own due diligence and carefully weigh the risk-reward ratio of stocks before making any moves.

4VEND_chart.pngOther companies that made double-digit moves yesterday include Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MJNA) who recovered after a brief excursion under $0.10 per share and closed 25% up. Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. (OTCBB:VEND) kept sliding and closed another 28% down, stopping at $1.87 per share, having sat at $3.25 per share just three sessions earlier.

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