Sizzling Stock Picks Raise Awareness About Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc., f/k/a Dynasty Limousine Inc. (PINK:CYBK)

CYBK_chart.pngYesterday, we witnessed round two of a paid advertising campaign in favour of Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc., f/k/a Dynasty Limousine Inc. (PINK:CYBK) as Sizzling Stock Picks and HSP Team joined forces for a new pump job on the stock. Surprisingly enough, this round proved more successful than the previous one a week ago. Yet, there is something rotten about this company and it relates to the CEO himself, which is why we deemed it necessary to talk about it right now.

CYBK_logo.jpgIf you study CYBK‘s corporate profile, you will most probably notice that the company presents itself as a provider of ‘attractive’ web-based and multifunctional kiosks and tablets for all that’s worth. Do not get overly enthused about that yet, though. As it is, CYBK has just changed both its corporate name and business and is entering an entirely new business field. Formerly known as Dynasty Limousine Inc. (previous ticker symbol DNYS), CYBK used to provide luxurous transportation services via limousines in the South-Eastern states. The company was relatively stable in terms of financials and even closed the first three quarters of the 2012 fiscal year at a profit.

Now, DNYS has morphed into CYBK and the new business has nothing to do with the old one. However, a drastic change of this sort is hardly a challenge to CEO Christopher J Clarke who is allegedly in charge of twenty-two other companies in the state of Florida. One of them – Trans Global Grp In (PINK:TGGI), which by the way has the very same corporate address as CYBK – is doing strikingly bad on the charts as its shares are currently residing at the absolute zero of the OTC marketplace at $0.0001 per share. The latter does not exactly represent a fairly successful firm, does it?

Maybe running 20+ companies is more difficult than Clarke has expected in the first place, or maybe TGGI’s potential has already been exhausted. We have yet to see how he will develop CYBK‘s new business model before indulging into more detailed analysis thereof. For what it’s worth, CYBK did react positively to yesterday’s pump job creating a maximal profit opportunity of 30%.

Given the fairly fragile nature of paid promotions, however, we do not envision such a rosy scenario happening once again today. See the historical records on Sizzling Stock Picks and the HSP Team to see how miserably other penny stocks performed after having fallen victims into their hands.

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