Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTC:SWVI) Attempts Return

What has gone down must come up, so although the stock of Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTC:SWVI) still has its feathers ruffled from the past defunct pump, now it is revving up again, up 30% to $0.0783. The last promotional email for SWVI came on March 9th, and since then the ticker deflated by 50%. Now, propped by press releases, SWVI attracts investors again, with tentative buying volumes. SWVI0408.png

The last reminder of the SWVI stocks is a press release, posted to a well-visited business news site, stating that the company is still actively developing its copper property, hoping to hit a rich deposit. Of course, almost anyone hopes so, but let’s look at the financial situation, which may tell us how much more hope SWVI could afford: NORX0408.png

  • $49,099 cash
  • $474,585 current liabilities
  • Zero sales
  • $151,158 net loss

Whether the mining plot in Chili will turn out huge profits in the future is so far immaterial- the same promise was touted only about a month ago, when SWVI jumped sharply on a series of paid emails. In the last few days, SWVI has not failed to mention every piece of dirt it excavated and inspected for copper, as if this would bring the mining profits more quickly. What it could do is make the stock price rise in disproportion to the underlying business.

The last promotion for SWVI came from Awesome Penny Stocks, which received 10,000 Euros for the series of mentions, and Penny Stock Expert also joined the noise. Since then, the pumpers moved on to bigger hits, not liking the long slide of their past selection. Penny Stock Expert took up a currently extremely active promotion, Goff Corp. (OTC:GOFF).

Mining and energy is having a brief revival within the penny stock circles, with new companies promising energy drilling. A recent success story, however, seemed to suffer from the organized promotion. Norstra Energy, Inc. (OTC:NORX) rose significantly even without a promotion, but when the pumpers took up the ticker, selling and a fast 20% correction immediately began.

It is unknown if SWVI will see another series of paid emails. However, the company has shown a past history of steep and sudden drops, so plan your investments accordingly and stay away if the hype becomes too noisy.

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