Technologies Scan Corp. (OTCMKTS:TENP) Finally Reacts to Promotions

Technologies Scan Corp. (OTCMKTS:TENP) suddenly decided to test the water after years of sporadic, very low-key trading. The results were stunning- a 75% net drop in three days, from 24 cents to 6 cents, followed by a minor recovery on record buying volumes. The main reason for this behavior are paid pump records and one common trick for penny stock companies- to announce partnerships with Internet industry leaders, this time Amazon and Groupon. TENP0529.png

Given that a partnership with Groupon is a very elusive concept, those deals may be just smoke and mirrors to attract investors and enliven trading, probably enriching insiders. The pumps for TENP started on May 21st, but the last two days finally saw enough activity. There was a total of 27 emails for a budget of $57,000. SMAA0528.png

The product behind TENP is Proteina21, a food supplement, and this easily explains how a partnership with Amazon and Groupon actually means sales offers, in the case of Groupon probably for a loss. To achieve success in the supplement industry, TENP relies on the following financial backing:

  • $3536 cash
  • $54,000 total current assets
  • $253,000 total current liabilities
  • Zero revenus
  • $21,000 net loss

The latest pumper for TENP from May 29th is Stock Market Quite, receiving a total of $35,000 for all mentions of this ticker. Before the markets open, the pumper sets high expectations for this stock, promising a massive multi-day run. But runs may also bring the ticker downward, as the previous days of the promotion showed.

TENP was tame on the first day after the long weekend, adding just 12% to $0.064, so now it may make a bigger move, if the email rouses enough interest and enthusiasm. Along with the paid pumps, TENP releases a series of news surrounding the great potential of its food supplement sales. So far, it remains only a potential, and one that can cause great fluctuation for a relatively underpriced ticker.

The paying party behind the last email is RJLQ Investments SA, an entity dealing almost exclusively with TENP, and its only previous promotion SMA Alliance, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SMAA), from May 14th. For a few days before that, SMAA was not faring well, and continued to slide despite the pump. This should invite caution, and if you plan to invest in fresh and new TENP or other similar stocks, it is best to invest only affordable sums.

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